Monday, 4 February 2013

Day Zero Project: Project 365

Last year I set myself the challenge of taking a photo for every day of the year. In the past I've attempted this and normally fail a couple of months into the year. Setting it as one of my Day Zero Project tasks gave me a bit of an added boost because to stop taking photos would mean failing two projects instead of just one.

And I succeeded.

I have to admit I was a little bit surprised, I honestly was half expecting not to make it all the way through the year. I did struggle to find interesting things to take photos of; looking back there are some fairly boring and crappy photos. I don't seem to do enough to take an interesting photo each day; when you've spent best part of the day in your pyjamas, watching films, there's little to make an interesting photo out of.

That's why I decided against doing the same project again this year. I'm trying to take one really good photo following a theme. And so far it's worked to inspire me, I'm looking for creative ways to link what I've got to the theme. It means I take a different photo each day to experiment what works.

I've got a lot of favourite photos from last year but my favourite has to be:

It's a lovely photo of my Bell-rat and it kept on cropping up on Google searches. I think that's one of good things about trying to take a photo every day, you end up with lovely memories which you know you can look back on in the future.

I know that lots of my photos have been plain iPhone ones, but it's what they're pictures of that's important to me. And I'm glad I've got them posted on this blog, they're all in one place so I can see them whenever I like.

Now I've moved onto my new Project 52, which I'm still taking a photo each day but I'm just selecting the best one or the one that best represents the theme of the week. It's stretching me a little more than the plain Project 365 did.

And I'm not abandoning my photos from last year. I'll maybe weed out some of the boring ones like my feet or my dinner, but the others I'm hoping to get printed towards another of my Project Zero projects: making a photo wall.

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