Saturday, 9 February 2013

Changing Rooms

Over the week we've been playing musical furniture at home. It's been a double pronged attack coming about because we decided we actually wanted to do something with our spare bedroom but also because we had run out of room for our books and films.

While Mr Click started work clearing things out of the spare bedroom to make room for the desk his parents let us have, we started looking out for new bookcases for the living room and front lobby. We already had one big bookcase which we got shortly after we moved in but it just wasn't enough to hold my vast collection.

Unfortunately bookcases were in short supply at our local furniture recycling place, but we did manage to find a nice deep shelf unit which would work for books in the living room. And so we started a Tetris-like process of moving furniture around the house.

We emptied the old bookcase and moved it to make room for the new one. Then I had plenty of fun moving all the books across.

Then we had to clear all of the DVDs out of the cupboard in the front lobby, move that into the living room and then move the old bookcase into the space where the cupboard had been. I thought it was going to be a huge job but it didn't take long at all.

By far the most time consuming part of the job was moving all the films and TV series around in the front lobby. It was good fun too; until this point we've had to keep most of our boxsets in plastic tubs in a cupboard but now they're all out on display. It looks really bright out there now and it's so much easier to pick what we want to watch now we can see it all.

Now we've got a desk in the spare bedroom as well, all we need is a sofa bed and well be practically sorted up there!

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