Sunday, 17 February 2013

Project 52: Week 7 - Baking

I had a pretty good idea of what to do for the theme of baking. Unfortunately it didn't really go according to plan. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to post the recipe we use when we make a loaf of bread in the breadmachine. I intended to take a photo of each of the ingredients and then share the measurements and settings that we use with the picture of the week being the finished product.

But then I ran out of half the ingredients. Normally we stay pretty well on top of the things we need for bread, I take sandwiches to work almost every day and we usually have soup at least once a week (the bread machine makes a lovely top crust which is perfect for dunking in your soup). It's a post I'm going to share at some point in the future... once I've been shopping for more supplies!

Week 7: Baking
So since we ran out of granary flour, and oil, and started getting low on the brown sugar, we've been cheating a little bit. We're planning a big shop at the end of this week so until then we're making do with what we can get at the local supermarket. A couple of these bread mixes worked out the simplest way to do things.

It didn't make a bad loaf, not quite to the usual standard. The top sort of sunk, which was okay for dipping in soup, but it tasted good. I realise that making bread in a bread machine doesn't really take much baking talent, but somehow this feels even more like cheating than normal. You see it says 'just add water' that's really all you do, the hardest part was getting the mix out of the bag without throwing it everywhere!

I know that this is a bit of a bland photo, but I like that I took it of the empty packet, rather than a full one. I like how it's all crinkled, it makes it look marginally more interesting than had I just opened the cupboard door and snapped that.

Next week's theme is distorted which I think should be fun. A couple of weeks ago Mr Click ordered himself a tripod from eBay because he was having problems with his radio in the bedroom and he thought he could mount his antenna on it. Then it turned out that the problem was with a cable which was two feet longer than it was supposed to be. I have no idea about any of this stuff, but what it has meant is that we've got another tripod in the house which he doesn't need but which is the perfect fit for my camera.

I'm wanting to play around with some long exposures, which I'm sure will be interesting and hoping that I can do something like that with the theme of distorted. I expect that I'll get some fun mistakes that I might be able to use.

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