Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OU EA300 Children's Literature - TMA01 Word Cloud

I did this with my TMAs during my last course and it's quite interesting to see what shape assignments take. My first TMA this year had two options and I selected the second of the two which involved writing about Little Red Riding Hood.

It was a bit tricky because I wasn't aware that there had been two online tutorials until well after they'd taken place, and wasn't able to get the software to work to listen to the recordings that had been made. Even after switching computers and completely reinstalling Java! So I'm kind of going it alone on my final course. All being well it won't affect my final grade.

I think it's probably a good sign that the largest words are 'Little', 'Red', 'Riding' and 'Hood', considering that a large chunk of the essay was supposed to be about that. 'Version' is probably because I was talking about three different versions of the story.

It's probably a pretty good summary of the essay, but we'll just have to wait for a couple of weeks to see whether my tutor agrees with me!

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