Sunday, 13 October 2013

Practically Moved In!

No Internet again today so no Project 52 post again today.

Instead I've been working on clearing some *ahem* junk out of our spare bedroom, the aim being to put an actual bed in there, rather than boxes of stuff we don't actually need.

These boxes include stuff I've never actually gotten around to unpacking since I moved in. It's been over two years now so you'd think I'd have gotten round to it before now.

You obviously don't know me that well!

When I moved from England to Scotland it was almost seven years before I unpacked my final box, and that wasn't until I'd moved into another place (where I stayed for six months and then packed up and moved home again).

This box (which isn't actually pictured because for some reason my iPhone can't upload blog posts with photos in from home, but trust me, it's big enough to fit me in it!) was one of the last ones we packed before we moved in. It held stuff from under the bed, stuff from the windowsills and other bits and pieces I grabbed and threw into bags on the way out the house.

For a while it lived in the corner of our kitchen because it weighed a tonne. Then we moved it up to the spare bedroom where it has stayed for the last two years.

Until today!

Not having looked at that stuff for so long made it quite easy to bin chunks of it or consign others to the charity shop box. I still have a fair bit to find homes for but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with what I've gotten done up there!

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