Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What do you do with unloved books?

On Saturday some people from work organised a table-top sale to raise money for the STV Appeal. I love things like this because it's an easy way to pick up some cheap DVDS and books.

It also proved to be a great opportunity to offload some of my unloved books.

You see, we've started work on turning our spare bedroom into more of a bedroom, as in having an actual bed in there so guests have somewhere to sleep. Right now it's pretty much a bedroom for boxes, some of which haven't even been looked at since we moved in!

I had several boxes of books that I kept on meaning to eBay or post on BookMooch but never seemed to have time to do. Not having Internet access at home except by iPhone means that when you do get online your online time is kind of at a premium, and listing stuff on eBay is so time consuming.

So it seemed like a good excuse to have a clear out and in one go I was able to get rid of two boxes stuffed with books.

And they went pretty well. The guys running the table-top sale bundled a bunch together and the Horrible Histories and Doctor Who books went quite swiftly. Unfortunately my Russian Dictionary remains unloved.

And on the day I was able to pick up two DVDs, plus a box set of Planet of the Apes films, and a couple of Kingdom Hearts games for my DS. A good day all round.

What do you do with your unloved books?

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  1. I love car boots or table top sales for exactly the same reasons - cheap DVDs! The one day of the week I actually get up early (haha) is a Sunday, up at 6 to go to a boot sale and spend less than a fiver on a handful of DVDs :D

    My unloved books go to local charity shops (where I buy most of my books from) or to my uncles who like a read too.


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