Friday, 4 October 2013

Stripy Scarf

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I've been getting well stuck into the scarf I've been working on. I had slowed down somewhat as I needed to order the last two main balls of colour and I didn't want to get to a point where I had to stop and wait for it to arrive. I will still need to get another ball later on, but I'll only need it for four rows so it'll wait for a while yet (and I won't need to get it in a 500g ball of wool like all the others I've been buying).

These photos show the state of the scarf as of Sunday, when it was roughly a third of the way through. I still have to do this much knitting twice more to finish it! It's interesting watching how the colours are changing as I go along. Last week I added my first two rows of yellow to the mix and all being well I'll get some bright red in soon as well.

The bright red is a slight change to the original plan. It was supposed to be orange, but there's a bit of a shortage of the shade of orange I was looking for. As it's a scarf for Mr Click I asked him what he wanted to do and he decided to go for bright red instead. It's working out quite well actually, it means there's three pairs of colours, plus an odd pair (dark blue and light blue; light green and dark green; bright red and dark red; pale yellow and some sort of purple).

I can't wait to see how it's looking after another two weeks!

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