Sunday, 27 October 2013

Project 52: Weeks 42 & 43 - Relaxing

Normally the BBC have a different theme every week on their site, but I realised part way through this week that either they were giving a double week for the theme Relaxing or two weeks for the theme Fireworks. Now as it's highly unlikely that I'll find enough fireworks to photograph over the next two weeks, I decided to use the theme Relaxing two weeks in a row.

Which is just as well because my first photo is kind of a crappy iPhone photo.

Week 42: Relaxing
That's my little herd of elephants who I finally finished knitting last Sunday. Well, to be exact I finished knitting them a couple of months ago, I was just too lazy to actually get them sewn up. It was just when the scarf I've been working on got to be a bit too much for me that I picked them back up again and set to work on them. It was that or work on my first TMA for my latest (and last - for this degree) OU course. Obviously the crafting won.

They're named (from left to right) Nona, Bettina and Engelbert. Nona was the first to be finished and she appears to be the most relaxed in this picture. I think this kind of shows that I'm relaxing after all that hard work, but also the elephants themselves are fairly relaxed.

They're good to squish as well, particularly Bettina who is all sort of fleecy and soft.

And then this week I fully intended to take a photo of Tara being all funny and relaxed (and upside down) but my in-laws' cat was lying on a footstool being all relaxed and I couldn't resist that sleepy, fluffy face.

Week 43: Relaxing
That's the Kitty-cat who showed up outside the backdoor one day and gradually moved in after her owners moved away. She's not the most friendly of cats but she tolerates attention and is happiest somewhere warm and dry. She has my in-laws wrapped around the tip of her tail and loves to wind Tara up, you can just see from the look in her eyes here that she's plotting something new and wicked.

Next week I will do my best to crack out my good camera and take some interesting shots. Not entirely sure how I'll manage the Fireworks theme though, seeing as Tara hates them and I'm unlikely to go anywhere that has them. This may take some creativity on my part, lets hope I've got some to spare after the first weekend of NaNo!

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