Thursday, 14 November 2013

Day Zero Project: Hit Step Target Every Day For A Month

This target is kind of linked to my target to go for a walk every week, and since we've got Tara this is something which turned out to be quite easy to achieve. Several years ago Mr Click and I got the Walk With Me 'game' for my Nintendo DS and started trying to increase the number of steps we were taking each day.

The white one is mine and the black one is Mr Click's. We've got slightly different step targets, but have both had good runs of achieving them. We've been a bit lax about checking them more recently but it's good fun to check how many steps you've taken if you've been on your feet or been on a new walk.

I managed to achieve this target between April and May last year, I think at one point my step target actually increased and I still managed to maintain it. I was pretty pleased with myself for doing that, even though I didn't keep it up and managed to slip back below my step target on several occasions a few days afterwards.

Having Tara certainly helps to keep those step counts up. Of course you do need to wear the step counter for them to count, it's a little bit frustrating to forget to put it on and then realise that you're missing out on steps later on in the day. I still wear it every day though, even if I don't check the steps. When New Year Resolutions come around in a month and a bit's time I suspect that checking my counts more regularly will be on the list.

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