Monday, 4 November 2013

First Weekend NaNo Progress

This year, being an incredibly sad person and also having some holiday hours to spare, I took the first of November off. Mr Click and I had Chinese takeaway for tea, watched a couple of films, then he went to bed and I sat up watching a Disney film followed by two episodes of BBC's Sherlock to start NaNo bang on midnight.

It's been a couple of years since I've been able to do this due to work. Normally I'll do a bit of writing first thing in the morning when I get up, then more when I get home in the evening. As I sat there waiting for the clock to tick over to 00:00 I couldn't help but wonder whether I was getting a bit old for staying up like this. But then November the first hit and I was away just as I always used to.

As of yesterday lunch time I had 12,177 words, which produced this word cloud:

Day 2 NaNo Word Cloud
As you can probably guess, Sean is my main character. The surname 'Watson' gets a mention because for a good four or five thousand words I hadn't decided on names for his parents so I just used Mr and Mrs Watson as place holders until I came up with something else. For now they're called Colin and Karen because I just went with the names of two popular crime writers, but that'll probably change in the future.

I'm learning some things about my story as I go. At the moment it's a bit slow, mainly because I was sticking to the plan I'd drawn up for myself. I'm heading into sketchier territory now however so things might start to speed up as I try to work out what's happening. If I ever get around to editing, large chunks of what I have so far will be cut or changed.

Sean on his own doesn't feel very likeable because he seems a bit self-centred, luckily now Charlotte's come into the story and I've worked out that he's moping over the fact that his parents won't let him be as independent as he wants to be, and won't let him have a mobile phone, I'm starting to like him a bit more. Charlotte's really turning out to be his complete opposite and the bit I'm at just now is having them spend time together so it's giving me lots of fun things to write about because they're just chalk and cheese.

I managed to have a 10k day on November the 1st, in fact, I probably could've made it a 20k day because I got just over 4,000 words before I went to bed at 2:30am, then did the other 6,000 in the evening. I spent most of Friday sitting in bed watching films and knitting so had I devoted a little more time to writing I would've sailed way beyond 10k. But my target was 10,000 and I hit 10,016 so I was satisfied with that. Things are going to slow down over the next week and a bit but then I should be able to pick it up shortly after that.

How's everyone else's NaNos coming along?

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  1. Congrats on the terrific word count!
    I thought about taking Nov. 1 off work to do the same thing but I needed the hours. = (
    My first weekend of Nano was not as wordy as I would have liked but I feel like it was productive.


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