Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tired Tup Tup

As I mentioned on Monday, Tara and I went for a lovely long (and painful) walk on Sunday morning. I was pretty tired out afterwards but I got on with the day, albeit a fairly lazy day (largely spent knitting a scarf and writing out blog posts for the week ahead).

Tara on the other hand, she did this:

That's our sleepy Labrador draped across her daddy's lap. I've never known a dog as cuddly as Tara. She loves to snuggle up with people, especially with Mr Click.

Later in the day Grandad vacated his chair, so Tara decided to keep it warm for him while he was out of the room.

What you can't see in this picture is the fact that she was dreaming and her little cheeks were flapping around as she gave these little woofs. It was ridiculously cute.

And at the time of writing this, Tara's actually upside in Grandma's chair, in much the same sort of position.

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