Sunday, 10 November 2013

Project 52: Week 45 - Industrial

This week's photo was a little tricky because I live in a really rural place and I don't often see things which spark me as being Industrial. I had hoped to see some sort of farm equipment or building machinery that I could use as my photo but when nothing had presented itself by this morning I took Tara for a walk (which was very eventful, but more on that another day) to where we can see a power station on a neighbouring island.

I very nearly took my DSLR with me, but at the last minute switched to my little compact camera. This was a very wise decision because mere minutes after I'd taken this week's photo I slid down a bank on my bottom and by the time I reached home an hour later I'd fallen over a further two times!

Week 45: Industrial
It's not a great photo because I had to use the zoom to actually be able to get a decent view of the station and the sun was shining on the screen and I had a Labrador who couldn't understand why we had stopped and oh-my-goodness-why-can't-we-go-and-smell-that-brown-thing-over-there! But I like what it's a photo of; I like the tops of the trees, I like the big expanse of sky, I like the wind turbines and I like the power station in front of them. I think this is a photo I may try recreating on a less icy and muddy day with my DSLR.

I also played around with the shot on a website I spotted on BBC Click the other day. It's called Fotor and it's kind of like a Picasa-type site where you can add effects and simply edit your photos. I figured that this photo was the perfect one to play around with, though the end result is mostly just sharpened and contrast/brightness adjusted. I think it's an improvement on the washed out original:

The BBC site now has all the themes up for the weeks until the end of the year. I can't believe how close it is now. Next week is Masks and the week after that is Tools. I'm already thinking up ideas for those, and hopefully I'll be able to take some decent photos, instead of these 'ooh shoot, it's Sunday and I've not got a picture' posts that I've been doing during the last few weeks.

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