Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day Zero Project: Take a walk at least once a week

Looking back through all my Day Zero Project targets is kind of fun when I come across targets like this. I classify some as still 'in progress' even when they've become a part of my every day routine, and taking a walk at least once a week is definitely one of them.

When I wrote this list it was January 1st 2012, we were in the middle of a miserable cold winter and I was dreaming of adopting a dog (who wouldn't join the family for another four months), so we'd been a little bit lax about going for a weekly walk. When we'd moved into our new house we'd gone for a different walk each time we went out and rarely did the exact same route twice, but by the time winter set in, there wasn't really much of an incentive for going out into the freezing cold.

But now we have Tara and so a weekly walk is kind of a given. There are some days when we're really naughty and don't go for a long walk, but invariably there is some form of trek outside the garden, no matter what the state of the weather is.

And I don't grudge it in the slightest.

For one thing I've gone down a size in jeans, always a nice thing to happen (even if it does mean you have to donate all of your jeans to the rats for bedding and buy new ones). I've also worn through one pair of walking boots and several pairs of trainers.

I've found lots of interesting and beautiful walks around the estate where we live. More now that we've got a proper map showing us where we can and can't go with Tara. As well as that, we often go for walks into town and get to look into shops that I might otherwise miss out on.

So the weekly walk is well and truly ingrained into our lifestyle now. All thanks to Tara!

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