Sunday, 3 November 2013

Project 52: Week 44 - Fireworks

Throughout the summer we have a dearth of fireworks at home. The estate where we live often plays host to weddings and almost every Saturday during the height of the summer there can be large firework displays going off. I don't usually get to see much of them beyond the few flashes which might show through the curtains because Tara hates fireworks so most of the time is spent trying to calm her down and stop her from barking.

I saw my first actually firework display for years a couple of weeks ago when we had the Viking Invasion and there was a display at the end of the day. Of course I was on first aid duty so didn't have my camera with me to capture any of those beautiful bangs and besides, it was another few weeks before this prompt popped up.

Logically it's the right time of year for photos of fireworks. And I did actually see some yesterday evening. I was a bit worried at the time because we'd just got back from a day away in Inverary and were walking Tara along the front when directly across the bay we saw some sparkles and flashes. Sure enough there was a firework display going on and I thought we'd have to turn around and go back into the house until it had died down.

But no, it would appear that Tara only hates fireworks when they are loud and right outside her bedroom when she's trying to sleep. Outside with them going off in the distance didn't phase her at all. In fact, at one point she actually stood there watching them, totally curious.

Unfortunately I didn't have a camera on me then either. So I've had to improvise with my picture this week.

So here we have evidence of my NaNo procrastination, complete with fireworks:

Week 44: Fireworks
Yes, that would be me completing Spider Solitaire. I'll not say how many attempts it took to actually get the fireworks. It does seem I'm a little bit out of practice. I guess I should probably try it a couple more times before I get on with my NaNo story...

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  1. Gah just typed out a comment but my computer froze - you might get this twice! Anyway, poor Tara :( Boozy has only really become aware of fireworks this year. He doesn't bark, just gets frightened and won't settle. Bless him. Haven't seen you on HTV in a while? Hope you're well!


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