Saturday, 3 May 2014

Blogging Things To Do

I've really got to do some housework around here and what better way to inspire me to get things done than to make a list of them so that, in theory, I can check them off as I do them.
  • Update the look of the blog
    • It's been a whole year since I changed the blog to this design. I like the layout so it's remained pretty much unchanged since I started, but I like to update the background and redo the banner. I made this one over a year ago so it definitely needs an overhaul.
  • Update my About Me Page
    • It's a bit out of date, plus it's like 'blah info splurge'. There's no pictures and it's all text. It needs prettifying.
  • Merge my Book List 2012 & 2013 Pages
    • Along the way I could also do with updating my Book List 2013 Page considering the last addition to it was back in February last year and I never added when I finished it. That's right, I've not touched that page for well over a year!
  • Do something with my To Read List
    • It's a bit awkward to keep track of seeing as quite often I finish a book and then decide to go back and reread it. That said, it's useful to have because I include a note (albeit one which hasn't been updated in over a year) of the books that I don't have yet. Always useful when I'm in a shop and can't remember whether or not I've got a book yet.
  • Retire the Day Zero Project Page
    • I'm nearly at the end of my blog posts about it. It's been fun to do but I don't think I need to keep the whole page now. Once I finish the last few blog posts I'll get rid of the actual page I think.
  • Make some new pages
    • I'm thinking about maybe a page for past A to Z Challenge posts, though then again, do I really need that when you can find them all in my tags by just clicking on the A to Z tag. Perhaps it'd be nice to have them all listed out with the words I used for each letter... something to consider.
    • I'm really wanting to do some more in depth film reviews. I think that I might make a page for that... like the ones I've done so far and the ones to come... who knows?
    • Ditto book reviews. I really like posting books reviews. I write little ones in my Book Journal anyway so it makes sense to share my thoughts with other people. But I want to switch to doing Chapter-by-Chapter reviews for some of the books I read and perhaps I need a page for that too.
    • Maybe one to show the schedule of upcoming blog posts. I actually sat down on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago and drew up a little calendar to plan out most of my posts until the middle of September. Not every day is filled in, but it might be nice to share upcoming posts each month.
Can you think of any bits and pieces that need to be added to the list? Do you do regular housekeeping on your blog?


  1. You can set the 'page' link to a link, rather than creating a page specifically for something, so why not set it to go to the a-z tag, or a review tag? (:

    1. I did not know I could do that! Thanks for the tip, that's one bit of housekeeping sorted then. ;-)


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