Thursday, 15 May 2014

Day Zero Projects: Listen to every song on my mp3 player & make mood playlists

As with my post a few weeks back I've lumped two items from my Day Zero list together; this time it's the challenge to listen to every song on my mp3 player and make mood playlists from the music on it.

The listening to all the songs thing is a work in progress. Even though I've lost quite a bit of my music, I still have a couple of thousand tracks on my Creative Zen and it takes me a while to get through them all. I stopped listening to it over the winter because I wasn't walking so much with Tara, plus when the weather's bad I'm more concerned about listening for cars coming over the sound of wind in the trees so obviously I need to keep my focus on making sure neither me nor Tara are hit by a car.

That said, I'm still compiling songs to add to playlists to replace the ones that I lost when my Zen threw a wobbly a couple of years ago. Right now the playlist I'm trying to put together is a summer one made up of all the songs that make me think of summer or have a summer feel to them. I want something I can blast out in the car when the sun is shining or to make it feel like it is even if it's pouring with rain out.

It's been nice to go through my music collection for my A to Z Challenge and remind myself of songs that I've not listened to for a while. It's also kind of fun to hear some of the songs that I used to like (and wonder what on earth made me think they were cool).

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