Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Celebrity Wedding Edition

I've had another short week this week, what with taking the Monday after my birthday off and then needing to take a day off on Friday as well, I only actually went to work three days. Plus it's a bank holiday weekend as well so I'm in the middle of yet another long weekend; my third in a row, in fact.

Considering it's been a short week (on the one hand), it's actually been a very long week. You see, on my birthday we sat up late watching one of the films we'd bought in Oban in bed. Tara had wormed her way onto the bed and come midnight we told her to jump down, which she did and promptly started crying. I immediately checked every joint and established that nothing was broken, she laid down on her bed and went to sleep and we assumed she had just landed funny.

Until the following morning. My relaxing day off before returning to work. I was woken shortly after seven by what I believed was my husband murdering my dog. As soon as Tara had moved she started crying and yelping, the most pitiful, awful sound I've ever heard. It was weird though because once she was going she was perfectly happy to run to the door, but wouldn't pee and cried whenever we touched her back.

Emergency trip to the vet's it was. She got a painkiller and spent half the day looking slightly out of it whilst drooling. Diagnosis: sprained hip. We worked out it was her right side and have spent the week trying to convince her that what she really wants to be doing is resting, with varying degrees of success.

She's all back to normal now, thankfully. It's like nothing was ever wrong with her! Just in time for our long weekend.

Which has been a pretty busy weekend.

Despite having a day off on Friday I ended up spending the evening with a bunch of girls from work helping one of them to move house. It culminated in over two hours of talking, eating takeaway and laughing. It was hard work but lots of fun.

I was a little bit worried about getting home because we've had a celebrity wedding on the estate and that meant security on the main gate checking who was coming and going. But it was all okay and it gave us some entertainment trying to spot people we might recognise over the course of the weekend.

One of the guys from JLS picked our little island to get married on so as well as them we've had rumours of Simon Cowell, Elton John and Ant and Dec on the island. Some tanned blonde girl saw me walking Tara outside the house in my jammies as well. Plus we got a free firework display as well.

Aside from carting boxes up and down staircases, nursing a poorly puppy dog and keeping an eye on the comings and goings outside my front door, I've been doing much the same as usual this weekend.

I enjoyed having the house to myself on Thursday night. It gave me a chance to sit up late and work on my OU. I've got to get my EMA written but first I have to submit a proposal to my tutor so that they know that what I submit is all my own work. And also, presumably so that your tutor can tell you if you're completely off base with what you're planning to write. At least, I hope they will.

While I was working on my OU stuff I sat and watched Tin Man, the Sci-Fi adaptation based on Frank L. Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It's been a while since I watched it and, aside from some pretty ropey CGI, it made for pretty good background noise while I studied.

We've also still been watching The Two Ronnies and Criminal Minds. In The Two Ronnies we've got as far as their series 'The Worm That Turned', I'm more familiar with these episodes than the earlier ones because I remember watching them as a child when they were on UK Gold.

As the estate's been under something of a lockdown this weekend, and we've not wanted people to think we're snooping, we spent a good chunk of time watching films. Including The two Hobbit films... even though we only watched them the week before. Mr Click is as into them as I am which means it's good fun to rewatch them together. I can't wait until the last one comes out and we can have a marathon session.

In term of books, I've finally finished reading The Lord of the Rings. I actually finished the story on Thursday and then spent a good part of the day on Friday working through the Appendices. I think I appreciate some of it more now that they've made the Hobbit films because a lot of the backstory is in there. I've read it before, obviously, but it means more to me now.

I've moved on to reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban now as well as starting the first book in the series for my Chapter-by-Chapter reviews. I'm normally book monogamous but to do the Chapter-by-Chapter revews I'll switch between books depending on how long I've got to actually sit and read.

And what've I got planned for the coming week... well, I'm actually doing almost a full week of work; a whole four days in a row! I'm also going to get cracked on with my EMA and hopefully have a passable first draft by next weekend.

Check back next week to see how that goes.


  1. Glad to hear it was just a sprained hip and that it should heal alright.

    1. Labs can be prone to hip problems so it's something we'll watch out for in the future. She's all back to normal, charging around like a lunatic and bouncing about like before.

      We were even able to take her out for a run around on the beach yesterday, which we'd wanted to do the week before. :-)


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