Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Hypochondriac Labrador Edition

This post is a little bit later in the day because I've spent a good chunk of the day out First Aidering at the local Triathlon. Rather them than me, especially considering we've had glorious sunshine, showers, hailstones and a torrential downpour!

This week has been my longest one in a while. Would you believe that the last time I worked a Friday was the 4th of April?! We have dress-down on a Friday and it’s been so long since I’ve dressed-down that I nearly went to work in my smart trousers! Luckily in the time I spent looking for them I realised what day it was and grabbed a pair of jeans instead.

Next week is going to feel even longer as it’s my first five day week since March! There is one day I finish an hour early than usual though, so that should help speed things along a little.

As it had felt like a longer week than I’ve been used to recently, I was was looking forward to my nice relaxed Saturday. It didn’t happen.

We’d planned to go to the beach after word on Friday but when Mr Click came to pick me up Tara was whining and grumbling, evidently under the weather. The beach trip was cancelled (again) and we took her home and got her settled. The following morning she still wasn’t right though, so we phoned the vet and checked in for another emergency vet appointment.

Tara usually gets a treat after dog training and we’d tried something new which apparently disagreed with her. We were concerned about her sprained hip but the vet wiggled her leg around all over the place and didn’t get a peep out of her. She did have a bit of a temperature and has been diagnosed with being generally under the weather.

We brought her home where, after spending all morning trying to convince us that she was mortally sick, she seemed to feel a lot better; stopped crying, was happier about getting up and moving about, and even trotted into the bedroom to get her deflated ball which she alternately used as a pillow or chewed on for the rest of the afternoon.

I should add that she was perfectly happy at the vet, aside from peeing all over the floor, she just wanted to say hello to our vet and the only thing she was miffed about was getting her temperature taken. She’s on a bland diet at the moment for her sore tummy which means pasta, rice, porridge and boiled chicken. I’m just worried she’s going to expect this from now on!

My other plan for Saturday was to work on my EMA, getting that written and typed. I’d written quite a bit on Monday and then spent Friday getting the last two sections written but had gone well over the word count, so planned to type it up and edit it down some. Well, what with one thing and another I didn’t get home until mid-afternoon so by the time I’d typed it up I didn’t really have the motivation to spend any longer on it.

I’ve got the bare bones of it down now though. It needs a lot of tidying, cutting and referencing but I’ve got ten days to get that done. If I work on a bit each day from now on I should finish it no problem.

Being able to take it slightly easier on the studying front has meant more time for reading. I just finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Saturday morning so moved straight on to a book called Discovering Words which I think I found in a charity shop years ago. It was way back when I was studying U211 anyway and it’s one from my linguistics section on my bookcase.

Oh, and I’ve been reading The Bad Beginning for my blog posts as well, though that’s taking me longer to get through because I’m doing a sort of close reading of it. It’s interesting to see how my perspectives have changed, particularly since doing EA300. I’m reading a lot more into the orphaned protagonists and concepts of childhood than I’ve noticed before.

Tv-wise, well, we’ve finished watching the second series of Criminal Minds and moved on to the first episode of series three. At the risk of spoiling anyone who hasn’t seen it, this series has started with the departure of another of my favourite characters, but I like the way they’re setting things up for this series so I’m interested to see what will happen next.

We’re also still watching The Two Ronnies. We’re up to series nine now and they seem to be slightly bigger budget episodes so have bigger name stars appearing as their guests. The sets seem a bit more elaborate now as well. We’re getting through them really quickly though so I don’t think it’ll be long before we’re moving on to the next TV series.

Oh, and as last week was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) we finally treated ourselves to the Star Wars Complete Saga on blu-ray. I’ve been lusting after it for about three years now and Mr Click had never seen the three prequel films. We managed to pick up the original trilogy on video for 75p in a charity shop a couple of years ago but it’s really not the same as watching them on DVD or blu-ray.

We’ve started watching the six films; The Phantom Menace on Friday and The Attack of the Clones yesterday. There’s over forty hours of special features too so I suspect that this set will be keeping us going for several weekends to come!

I just wish I had another weekend right now, to help me recover from the one I've just had!


  1. What a beautiful dog! We used to have a black lap, and a golden retriever as well. Oh how they love to run into the water and bring things back!

    1. Thanks, she is gorgeous.

      She loves water and long walks. She's good at picking things up, but not always very good at handing things over to us, hehe.


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