Monday, 20 October 2014

A New Obsession

I remember when I was about eight or nine my Mum taught me how to cross stich. I painstakingly decorated a little piece of fabric with a teeny rainbow. I couldn’t start it myself, or change colours, or finish it so I probably did a total of about twenty stitches of the entire thing myself.

Three or four years later, when I was heading back from America, my Uncle took me shopping for something to entertain me on the plane ride back. A quick trip to Walmart and I found a few little cross stich samples with flowers and baskets and things. This was back at the time when you could still take needles and scissors onto planes and I picked away at it for a little while on the flight but I still didn’t know how to start or finish and I got into a bit of a tangle.

Frustrated, I put them away and gave up.

Until Friday.

I’d found myself looking at knitting pattern books on Amazon, which led to other craft books on Amazon, which led to cross stitching patterns, which led to the little kits. And then I found myself routing around in the bottom of my knitting tub where I had tossed some little samplers I had been given years ago and never did anything with.

Quick bit of googling and I remembered what I was doing. Even better I kind of figured out how to start and finish without even looking it up. I didn’t even have any problems starting or finishing.

Within a couple of hours I had a cute little whale:

And then on Saturday I did a ladybird:

By the time I started on the ladybird I was worried that I was running out of projects. I only had one more, a rabbit, to do and then I would have nothing to feed my new-found addiction. Luckily I had a hair appointment scheduled so while we were down town I did a quick circuit of the charity shops. Oxfam yielded nothing (though they did have a cross stich magazine with a pattern for Bagpuss which I resisted the urge to buy) but Cancer Research came through.

I did worry slightly when I saw that most of the outside packaging is in Chinese, but the chart is clear and everything’s there. And it was only £4.50 which having looked at similar sized kits on Hobbycraft would’ve made it a lot more expensive originally. It’s got some sort of a sheep with pink horns which decorates a pink frilly cushion cover. Not necessarily my style but the pattern is definitely more me than bunches of flowers in baskets. Then I spotted a poppy kit for £1 and decided to go for that one as well, to help me build up to the big one.

The rabbit was duly started on Saturday and now looks something like this:

Which makes it my favourite of the lot so far. I definitely think I'm more drawn to the quirky cartoony ones over the more traditional looking projects. That said, the poppy is looking quite pretty and I'm impressed at how I'm getting on with it. I might even finish it before Thursday!

My knitting has kind of been on the back burner recently and I’ve been wanting to find a nice portable project to take with me to Edinburgh at the end of the week and I think that a cross stitch one will fit the bill. Expect to see a little more of my latest obsession around here in the future.

P.S. I'm not posting a Chapter-by-Chapter review this afternoon, or any afternoons this week, because having a cold last week kind of meant I wasn't up for reading or writing these posts. I'll be posting one on Friday this week and one next week (kind of how I used to) then I'll pick up as normal once I'm back from my graduation.


  1. Well done, they look really cute; and very neat too. Just wait for the bigger projects!!!!

    1. Thanks Mum. :-) I was going to email you pictures of these.

      I'm getting the hang of making all the crosses go in the same direction now. I think I need to get myself a hoopy thing before I try anything much bigger, the poppy I'm working on right now just on the small size of needing one.

  2. Welcome to my world!! I loved doing cross stitch when my children were babies and taking naps or between naps and I found some of the pieces I hadn't finished the other day when I was routing through bags sorting out teacher stuff. I have done lots since the children were little but only small projects due to time constraints so I now have three larger pieces I want to work on and complete. I do have a spare hoopy thing I could send you if you wanted (although I have always found them more fiddlesome than they were worth!!)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. It's strangely addictive, isn't it? I'm really enjoying it because it's one of those 'busy hands' activities I can do while watching TV.

      If you have a spare hoopy thing (do they have an actual name?) that would be brilliant. I'd like to try one to see if it helps with larger projects. Is there anything I could send you for your class in return?

  3. How cute! I do not have the patience for that.

    1. I wasnt sure I would, but they're surprisingly quick to do. There's also something about seeing them take shape that spurs you on too.

  4. I have always wanted to try cross stitch because I see all the cute things people do on the internet but all the kits I see are always flowery. These are so cute!

    1. The flowery ones don't really appeal to me either, but there are quite a few kits that are more cute or cool than regular flowers.


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