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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Part 2

I’m really enjoying rewatching all the Harry Potter films at the moment and rewatching this one has reminded me of just how much I enjoy it. I always overlook this one for some reason, presumably because all I usually remember is how much Umbridge annoys me and the whole Sirius thing, I forget about all the cute little scenes.

Anyway, last week we kicked things off with Dementors in Little Whinging, Dumbledore ignoring Harry, Draco goading Harry into an attack, and Defence Against the Dark Arts acquiring a new teacher.

This time around we’ll be seeing a little bit of Harry-hating, a fair amount of Umbridge-hating, and a lot of rule breaking.

41. Seamus is a bit anti-Harry at the moment and creates a scene in the middle of the common room. Ah, the boys’ dormitory is going to be cosy this year!

42. Poor Ron, now he’s getting shouted at too. And Harry’s got a bit of a Voldemort thing going on with his neck. I think this film really shows how much the kids have improved as actors.

43. I like little scenes like the start of Defence Against the Dark Arts where you get to see them being teenagers with magic powers.

44. The DADA course books look like something for primary school children from the sixties.

45. Apparently school is all about passing exams. That’s not really going to be too helpful when the Dark Lord is hanging around outside to get you.

46. Getting into a shouting match with Umbridge is obviously not a good thing to do, but Harry does it anyway and earns a detention.

47. She uses way too much sugar in her tea and I’ve never really noticed before that the stone walls are actually pink tinged in her office. I think I’d get a headache just sitting in there for five minutes, never mind for a full detention writing lines.

48. The film does a good job of showing how the pen works when Harry writes lines. This is one scene that I think works just as well, if not better, on screen than in the book.

49. I like the Skiving Snackboxes packaging. I wish they would sell sweets in packets like that, though maybe not ones that make you ill.

50. Hermione really is right about reporting Umbridge to Dumbledore. So many problems in these films could be solved if they just told Dumbledore about what was going on.

51. Instead, Harry decides to tell Sirius, which maybe isn’t the best course of action, but at least he’s opening up to someone. I like the little wander around the grounds with the voiceover effect. I can’t remember them doing that much in these films before.

52. Love that Luna is wandering around the forest barefoot. I used to walk home from school barefoot through the woods. I’d quite happily go barefoot all the time if I could.

53. Luna is totally the best person to tell Harry all about Thestrels. I suppose that’s an easier approach than having a Care of Magical Creatures class. Plus we cover a lot of ground; why Luna can see the Thestrels, how she and her father believe Harry, why the ministry is acting as they are. It’s a useful little scene.

54. Aw, Harry is being all humble to his friends now.

55. Umbridge and McGonagall fight. McGonagall could totally take her. The stepping up and down the staircase is a nice visual way of showing who is coming out on top at the moment though.

56. Love all the Daily Prophet pages which are used to show the extra power Umbridge is getting.

57. I also love all the interviews with the other teachers. Particularly Snape. And the way that Umbridge generally goes out of her way to spoil all the fun the students are having.

58. Trelawney’s prediction, ironically, does turn out to be quite true. If only Umbridge had listened. Do you think she’d have to revise the mark she gave Trelawney after the end of the film?

59. Is it wrong that I kind of like the poncho Umbridge wears? I’d obviously not wear a pink one, but maybe in blues or greens.

60. I think whenever McGonagall appears on screen I should just write LOVE. I don’t really feel like I need to say anything else.

61. Poor Harry, getting ignored by Dumbledore. Also, where did he go? Dumbledore has brilliant magic skills!

62. Funny how Sirius gets a mention on the radio and then Sirius appears in the fire. I don’t really like the heads in the fire thing from the last film, but I’m not sure this is an improvement. I don’t like the way he’s just sort of part of the flames and it makes it harder to make him out.

63. Atmospheric lightning really helps to emphasise how much they all need Harry to teach them Defence Against the Dark Arts.

64. And now it’s winter. Hogwarts looks so awesome in the snow.

65. Love the random goat in the pub. It’s a brilliant little in-joke for people who have read the books.

66. I love the knitwear in these films. Hermione’s jumper is lovely. ‘Cause that’s totally the point of this scene.

67. Big moment as Hermione says Voldemort’s name for the first time. I like the little pause as she kind of summons up the courage.

68. Love rule breaking Hermione and Ron’s “Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?” Also, more knitwear. Love the hats!

69. Uh oh, Umbridge is onto you guys.

70. I know it’s really Dobby who puts Harry on to the Room of Requirement, but I love that in the film it’s Neville who finds it. He doesn’t get as many awesome moment in the films as in the books so it’s good that he gets a couple of little ones here.

71. Hehe, Ron’s mind goes straight to the bathroom.

72. The DA meetings scenes are done wonderfully well as well. I like the intercuts between the actual classes and then the Potter-led ones, as well as the attempts to catch them in the act of their secret meetings.

73. The sandwich Filch eats while he’s waiting outside looks like it was made by my husband.

74. Ron and Hermione have so many cute little moments in this film. Total shipper here!

75. Also, lol at the Harry/Cho moments, like Cho failing at levitating Nigel because she was distracted by Harry.

76. Ron does not look happy about his little sister being able to destroy their practice dummy, hehe.

77. Love how Neville gets everyone gathering round him when he finally manages to disarm him. So sweet.

78. Ron and Hermione are kind of obvious about their Harry/Cho shipping. I bet they’re going to be talking about whether or not they’ll kiss all the way back to the common room!

79. It’s sweet that they have a picture of Cedric up in the Room of Requirement. Though Harry, telling his former girlfriend that ‘Voldemort was better’ maybe isn’t the best thing to say.

80. That room is brilliant, the way the mistletoe just appears. It’s quite cute in a geeky teenagers kissing kind of way.

And we’ll leave them there, in the Room of Requirement, having a little tonsil tennis session.

Check back next week when we’ll hit the midway point for serious injuries for Mr Weasley, serious conversation between Harry and Neville, serious trouble for Dumbledore’s Army, oh and Sirius.

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