Sunday, 12 October 2014

Weekly Rundown: The Big Weekend

I wasn’t really able to blog properly last week because I was too busy. It hopefully wasn’t too noticeable because I tend to schedule everything at least a week in advance – I’ve actually gotten so good at this blog organisation thing that some of my posts are actually scheduled almost two months ahead of when I post them – but last Sunday’s Weekly Rundown was a bit of a thrown-together post, if I do say so myself.

And the reason for the lack of proper blogging activity.

My Mum came to visit. My Mum who is probably reading this blog post right now *waves* Hi Mum!
It was quite the emotional weekend because we’ve not had proper contact for a long long time, but it was brilliant and I could not have had more fun. I think she and her husband had enjoyed themselves too.

Friday saw us exploring Cardwell Garden Centre before a trip to Largs. I think I’ve only just recovered from all the walking we did that day. Cardwell is a fantastic place just outside Gourock and I always try to make time to stop in on the run up to Christmas because of their brilliant festive displays. There was a fair amount of it out last week as well as a bit of Halloween stuff too.

Largs saw us doing out traditional charity shop route; I showed great restraint in only buying one jumper dress and not anything from the bookshop or wool shop!

I did however receive some gifts in the shape of some of the ornaments I painted a lifetime ago. Half of these bears were painted by me and half by Mum and now they all sit on the windowsill in the spare bedroom. A little while ago I had a clear out of some of the ornaments I’d painted and the bears were spared from the charity box, I’m so glad that I kept them.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on the island. Living here every day you forget all the wonderful things that tourists see. After being surrounded by sea and beaches and mountains and hills for fourteen years they stop looking spectacular and just turn into the every day view. Last Saturday we walked all round the estate (including the Wee Garden, one of my favourite places where I live and one which I don’t explore nearly often enough) and I took loads of photos.

Sunday saw us touring the castle. Well there’s not a tour, you just kind of wander around it at your leisure. Although I’ve been there several times in the last few years (we had a mini NaNo write in about five years ago and last year there was the Viking invasion) I appreciated it more for going with people who don’t drive past it on the way to work each day.

I may have bawled like a baby when it was time to wave goodbye on the ferry but Mr Click and I are planning a visit in return already. I even spent Monday looking out a place I’d like to visit that I’ve not been to in around seventeen years. I think I’m as excited for that as I am for Christmas… maybe a little bit more! ;-)


  1. That's wonderful! It's always nice when a get together makes you that happy. I love your painted bears. Looks like you live in a beautiful place too. I miss all the green grass, tree's and mountains because I live in the flat, brown desert. Not much to see besides cactus. lol

    1. Thank you. It was a perfect get together. It is a beautiful place to live, I'm sure where you live has it's own kind of beauty, even if the only spots of green are the odd cactus. ;-)

  2. Waving back - 'hi Caitlin'. Think you made a great tour guide.oxo

    1. Glad you had a good time, Mum. Next time I give a tour some place I'll try and make sure I know what I'm actually talking about so it's not just lots of me going 'well, there's a story about this place, but I don't really know it. Someone important was buried there though...' hehe.


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