Saturday, 4 July 2015

Film Review: The Fellowship of the Ring, Part 4

We've had a gap of a couple of weeks but as with the Chapter-by-Chapter posts, I'm back on track now.

When we last watched The Fellowship of the Ring we saw Aragorn leading the Hobbits to Rivendell where Elrond held a council to decide who would take the Ring to Mordor. Surprise, surprise, Frodo's doing it.

In this part we see the titular Fellowship get underway and get into trouble virtually immediately, first with crows, then with snow and finally with Pippin.

154. And after a long break we're getting ready to say goodbye to Rivendell. The Elves haven't done a very good job of keeping Aragorn's mum's grave clean, you'd expect better from them.

155. Elrond's reminded Aragorn that he's got no choice to be King.

156. Speaking of swords, Bilbo's got a gift for Frodo. We'll be seeing a lot of that sword in the future films. Oh and that Mithril vest.

157. And here's Creepy!Bilbo. Never fails to make me jump. And I've seen this film about a hundred times. You'd think I'd get over that, wouldn't you?

158. Oh, Bilbo. Don't cry. :-(

159. Elrond's giving them a stirring goodbye. Everyone's just like, 'get on with it mate, we've got places to go'.

160. I love that when he gets to the opening Frodo has to ask Gandalf which way it is to Mordor. It's so simple, but it makes sense because why would Frodo know where to go?

161. Aww, Aragorn and Arwen had a little moment there.

162. Isn't Rivendell beautiful? I'm so glad we see more of it in The Hobbit films.

163. And here comes that trailer moment. Just in case you needed to be reminded of who exactly is in the Fellowship. Oh and there's a horse as well.

164. Plus more opportunities to show off the pretty New Zealand scenery.

165. It's quite cute the way that Boromir and Aragorn are helping train Merry and Pippin.

166. Does anyone else feel really sad whenever they hear Balin mentioned now? He's one of my favourite characters in The Hobbit films.

167. Uh oh, spy crows. Kind of weird but when they flew over I got a draft on my feet; we haven't got any doors or windows open. It's like I'm watching it in 4D or something.

168. So they're having to go over the snowy mountain. Apparently they've just abandoned the pony at the bottom of the slope or something.

169. You'd think that at this point they'd all start getting really suspicious of Boromir and, oh I don't know, start planning to abandon him somewhere or push him off the mountain.

170. I think Aragorn is anyway.

171. I love these Isengard fly-throughs.

172. And oh, Sir Christopher Lee. Another brilliant actor who's no longer with us. :-(

173. I like the little glimpse of Legolas walking on top of the snow. It's one of those things that is mentioned in the books and makes me happy to see included in the film.

174. Quick debate about which way they should go. Moria has a Balrog, but at least a fire creature will make things a lot warmed than up on the top of snowy Caradhras.

175. You can tell Gandalf is kind of pissed about Frodo's choice though.

176. Gandalf, Frodo would probably find your advice easier to follow if you spoke more plainly, rather than in riddles.

177. Hehe, I love the little jibes between Gimli and Legolas about Dwarf doors. It's great the way that you see their friendship grow through the three films.

178. Gandalf knows lots of fancy words but none of them open the doors.

179. Pippin: Nothing's happening. Thank you Captain Obvious.

180. Actually I kind of feel sorry for Pippin, for some reason he's Gandalf's least favourite Hobbit.

181. I'm guessing there was a moment like this saying goodbye to Bill when they were getting ready to go up Caradhras and we just didn't see it. Then they found him and now they're saying goodbye all over again.

182. A better password clue would have been 'tasty summer treat'. Just saying.

183. Then again, Gandalf might have thought it was 'strawberries'.

184. Anyway, while I've been pondering passwords, the Fellowship has just walked into a tunnel filled with Dwarf skeletons and Boromir is being all smug about being proved right.

185. And now something big and tentacly has just grabbed Frodo. I suppose Boromir does come in handy for something then.

186. The Watcher makes the decision about which way to go next for them. Onwards and upwards.

187. Gandalf is obviously aware of the Balrog in Moria. Why doesn't he just come out and say it? At least they would be prepared.

188. Then again, it's not like they could really do anything to protect themselves against it. Carry buckets of water perhaps? Or bind and gag Pippin?

189. How many Dwarves do you think fell to their deaths in these mines? They seem to be lacking somewhat in the health and safety department.

190. Frodo's wearing a very expensive chainmail vest. Got it.

191. Hehe, Merry and Pippin debating whether they're lost. I love those little bits that I don't always remember until I rewatch the film.

192. Gollum looks really digital in this film now, compared to how he looks in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It makes me kind of sad when I think about how incredible he looked when I first saw it. Technology marches on.

193. Ooh, this is one of my favourite bits in the book and I'm so glad that it got slotted into the film. They might as well flash text on the screen reading 'THIS WILL BE REALLY IMPORTANT LATER' during it.

194. Gandalf's like 'Frodo you're meant to have the Ring, this is a good thing, honest'. Frodo doesn't look too convinced.

195. I don't think Gandalf was lost at all. I think he just wanted a pipe break.

196. Oh, it's Balin's tomb. :-( This is about a hundred times sadder now they've made The Hobbit films!

197. And I read somewhere that the Dwarf holding the book Gandalf picks up would've been one of the ones from The Hobbit too. I'd look it up, but it'd just depress me more.

198. Despite the obvious signs of battle, the warning in the book and the Elf getting nervous, Gandalf still thinks this is a good time to stop for a quick story.

199. Poor Pippin. Stupid Pippin too, but still, poor Pippin.

200. This is where you need to start running, guys. Now!

201. Half of Legolas's lines are exclamations like this: Goblins! Orcs! Crebain! From Dunland! He's an Elf of few syllables.

And we'll leave things there for now. Next week things get really bad for Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship get a field trip to Lothlorien.


  1. I really need to watch these films again, they're just so long it's hard to fit them in! Loving the reviews, anyway :)

    1. I love to binge watch it over a long weekend. I'm not sure what I'll do when all three Hobbit films are out. It'll take a week to get through them all!

  2. I still need to watch these movies.

    1. I definitely recommend them, though if you're a Middle-earth virgin I'd suggest starting with The Hobbit movies; they're more accessible and fun with a hint of the darker stuff from the Lord of the Rings ones. ;-)


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