Saturday, 18 July 2015

Film Review: The Fellowship of the Ring, Part 6

This week we've finally reached the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, the first film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This installment isn't quite as long as some of the others.

Last week's review took us from the Mines of Moria (where we lost Gandalf) to Lothlorien (where the remaining eight members of the Fellowship got some spiffy gifts, hair anyone?) Now the Fellowship is going to lose another member and those who remain are going to go off in slightly difference directions. They don't call it 'The Breaking of the Fellowship' for nothing, you know.

243. Few more pretty shots of beautiful New Zealand scenery before the peace is shattered by marching Uruk Hai.

244. Gollum's still following them which is worrying Frodo. And Frodo being worried is worrying Sam. Sam is so sweet with Frodo. Excuse me while I just rein in my ramblings about what a great partnership they are; they both support each other and over the course of the film (and book) we get to see Sam taking on a much bigger role. It's almost Sam's story as much as it's Frodo's.

245. Boromir's making it kind of hard to feel the sympathy for him I was feeling earlier. Stop being a jerk to Aragorn.

246. My Extended Edition DVD came with a model of one of the Argonath. I've never even taken it out of the box because I'm scared about something happening to it.

247. I love that as the camera flies past one of the statues some birds fly out of its eyes. Little things like that make it feel so much more real.

248. Now it's Gimli's turn to be the voice of optimism.

249. Oh and notice how Sam switches between being awake and asleep in the background. Perhaps he's just trying to rest his eyes, unsuccessfully.

250. Considering they're all there to protect and help the Ringbearer, they don't actually do a very good job of it; letting him get stabbed by Cave Trolls, left behind on falling staircases and then wander off with homicidal Steward's sons!

251. They really should've kept more of an eye on Boromir. Though I can't help but cheer a little bit when Frodo gets a good kick in to knock Boromir over. Yeah, I'm done feeling sorry for him again.

252. Now Frodo, I know you want to get away from Boromir, but when has putting on the Ring ever worked out well for you. He should maybe have just ran back down the hill and yelled for Aragorn or something.

253. This means that Aragorn is noble and true and all that. It also means that it would probably be best if he didn't send Frodo off to Mordor alone. I know he's got Kinging to do, but after Gandalf he's the one I'd want to take me to Mordor.

254. Watch how the Uruk Hai kindly air fight until Aragorn is ready to start killing them. Hehe.

255. I think the Uruk Hair are actually inflatables because each time Legolas hits one with an arrow you hear a sound like air escaping.

256. Poor Pippin isn't too smart, is he? The way that he can't understand why Frodo's not coming with them. And then he gets to be all heroic and nearly killed. Poor Merry and Pippin.

257. Some more Uruk killing. If this is the best that Saruman can do, I'm not sure the good guys have really got too much to worry about. The main thing they've got going for them right now is that there are a lot of them. If they were up against an army instead of the Fellowship they wouldn't stand a chance!

258. At least Boromir is getting a chance to blow his own trumpet, uh, horn, and be a hero to make up for being such a dick to Frodo. Especially as he could quite easily get away and leave Merry and Pippin to be captured.

259. Boromir is so bad ass that not even being shot full of arrows will stop him. I wish he wasn't so ambiguously good because I want to like him all the way through the film, not just at moments like these.

260. Yay! Aragorn saves the day. Well, Boromir's already pretty dead, but at least he stops him from being finished off by Lurtz and helps make that action scene just a little bit longer.

261. Okay Lurtz, licking your blood off the knife? Really, really gross.

262. Yeah, Saruman's Uruk Hai might be a super duper fighting race, but they're pretty easy to kill really. Especially when compared to men like Boromir who take five or six arrows to take down.

263. Legolas gets to do his sad face again while we watch Boromir and Legolas having their moment together.

264. I've just realised that the film eliminates the aspect with the three remaining members of the Fellowship not being entirely certain which Halflings the Uruks got. I wonder why they did that, aside from the obvious inclusion of the scene with Aragorn saying goodbye to Frodo.

265. Also where has Sam been during this attack. I'm sure he could've taken out more than a few of the Uruk Hai with his trusty frying pan.

266. And whenever I watch this scene I remember the bit in the special features when Sean Astin impaled himself on a big piece of wood.

267. "I'm going to Mordor alone." "Of course you are, Mr Frodo, and I'm coming with you!" Hehe.

268. Sam's pretty smart. He probably knew that nothing he said would make Frodo turn around and come back, but having lost both his parents to a boating/drowning accident, he knew that Frodo couldn't let his gardener/friend suffer the same fate. Looks like they're going to Mordor alone, together, after all.

269. I think Aragorn is putting on Boromir's gauntlets here. If he is, it's a nice touch.

270. And now Aragorn is really stepping up to be a leader, especially as he's not got competition from Boromir any more. "Let's hunt some Orc!"

271. So it's the end of the film and we finally get a glimpse of Mordor. I remember the first time I saw this film, but this point I'd really gotten into it and couldn't believe it when it suddenly ended. It'd taken most of the film for me to get into it and just when I had, it finished. How was I to know then just how obsessive a fan I would be.

272. Just like that, Frodo and Sam take their first steps towards Mordor as a duo instead of as part of the Fellowship.

273. And we get to listen to Enya's May It Be. The music in these films is so perfect.

Pop back next week when I'll start my epic series of reviews of the next film, The Two Towers, and marvel at all of the changes (good and bad) from the books.


  1. I love the music from these films; sometimes I'll find the soundtrack on youtube and play it while I'm writing.
    The first time my mum and I watched this film, on the bit where it shows Mordor we said "That's a long way to go in 10 minutes!" Then it went off and we were devastated. We hadn't realised it was part of a trilogy.

    1. I used to have the soundtracks on my 'music to write to' playlist but had to take it off when I found myself becoming distracted thinking about the films (or worse, singing along), hehe.

      I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was slightly baffled by the film ending when it did.


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