Thursday, 15 October 2015

Finish This Book: Collecting

Occasionally when I'm working through this book I come up against a stumbling block, something that delays me somewhat. Sometimes it's a case of waiting for the right day to do a task, or the right tools, or a decent internet connection so I can look something up.

This was one of those pages.

It explains that a detective may collect things in order to document their research. So that's what you're instructed to do: Collect things from your immediate environment.

Now I started out intending to just grab things from around the house, taking 'immediate environment' to mean the area around the chair where I sit to fill in my book. But then I did the second part of the activity which was to find out the meaning of 'naturalist'.

The cliff notes answer is:

Someone who studies natural history; someone who studies plants/animals in their natural habitat.

And I realised that I'd probably have to leave the house for this one.

I took advantage of the nice weather and the fact that autumn has struck with a vengeance and grabbed a bunch of leaves on the walk towards Kerrycroy.

I got a pretty nice selection and I think they're a good representation of the plants which grow around the estate. It's an accurate documentation of of my immediate environment. I've taped them all into my book; I was prepared to grab some litter as well to stick in but I only found an old Styrofoam cup. When the tourist season ends the amount of rubbish lying around the estate dramatically decreases.

What sorts of things do you think you would collect from your local area?


  1. That's a nice collection. The only thing around here are pine tree's, olive tree's and dirt.

    1. I think collecting different types of dirt would be an interesting collection. Would be messy to collect though!

  2. Oh, so pretty! It is so beautiful here too. I love the fall colors :)

    1. Thank you. I love seeing all the different colours as the leaves change. It's like magic each time you look out your window.


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