Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekly Rundown: Autumn Walks

Autumn is well and truly upon us and I love it.

For me autumn is sweeping leaves, getting cold and damp, warming up with hot chocolate and an old Disney animation.

It's cold mornings and blue skies and seeing your breath. It's woolly hats and welly boots and gloves and scarves.

It's going for walks with the people you love, kicking up leaves and taking photos of all the colours.

And there are so many colours in autumn. I mean, spring makes an effort, and summer tries hard, but autumn has really got it covered in the colour department. And they all change so quickly. The road you travel along in the morning might look completely different by the time you head along it in the evening.

It's like magic.

We've taken a couple of autumn walks this last couple of weeks. And I've brought my camera along with me for some nice autumnal photos.

Autumn isn't even my favourite season of all. I like winter best; but autumn is the prelude to winter. It's the build up to NaNoWriMo, Mr Click's birthday, our anniversary, Christmas; all of my favourite things.

Yesterday the weather was so nice that, even though the sky was a little bit grey, we were able to walk without jackets. I also got a whole bunch of photos of Tara as well. She's a really photogenic labrador, but you have to catch her at the right time; when you're on the way back from the walk is best, when she's too tired to be too playful.

Of course, up there I mentioned autumn being a time for hot chocolate. Well, in the run up to NaNo I've decided to give up chocolate (just because I can, I'm not addicted, I can stop any time I want to, see) but this is proper hot chocolate weather and it's making it hard to stick to my resolve (not because I'm addicted, because of the weather). I've also dug my knitting out again because it's the right sort of weather for that as well. The nativity is getting back on track after about a month off and I'm starting to make more plans for my next project after this.

I've fished my OU hoody out of my wardrobe (it's been nearly a year since I got it), I've got my thick socks on; neither of these things mean a huge amount since I live in Scotland and wear hoodies and thick socks year round. We've had the heating on and extra cups of tea and a hot water bottle in bed. The nights are getting darker and chillier.

I love this time of year.


  1. I love autumn colours too. I have two favourite trees in the Botanic Gardens - one turns yellow, the other red. I walked past this afternoon and they are almost at their peak, but not quite. Just a few more days!
    Anabel's Travel Blog

    1. I've got favourite trees on the estate too. The bushes in the second photo are nearly all red, yellow and orange now. It looks beautiful when you drive through as the sun is setting. I can't believe how much they've changed in just two weeks.

  2. Ah, that sounds so nice. Really nice. I mean, really, really nice. It's 90 deg F right now. It was 100 yesterday. And 104 on Friday. I really, really, really want some cool days. Like now. (I can convert those temps: 32 deg C now, 38 yesterday, and 40 on Friday.)

    1. It's getting chillier by the day here at the moment. We've had to get the heating on most days now as well. Your warm weather does sound nice, but I don't think I'd like to swap at the moment. I quite enjoy bundling up and going for a nice brisk walk. ;-)

      Hope you get some cooler days soon.

  3. It's my favourite time of year too, I absolutely adore autumn and winter. I spend most of summer looking forward to the colder weather.

    1. Yeah, I like warm weather, but I like being able to bundle up comfortably as well.


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