Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weekly Rundown: Out Walking (Again)

My posts might be somewhat sporadic this week, since I'm giving up my online time today to go walking again. You may remember how my last walk went. If you've forgotten, it involved a close encounter with a gorse bush. Aside from that it was great.

This week I'm going for what is expected to be a fifteen mile walk. We've also been warned that there's a boggy bit on the walk and to bring wellies. My friends are a little worried about how long I'll manage to stay upright. I'll let you know how that goes next week.

In other news, I had my Prostap injection this week.

I went to the health centre in the end, chickening out of doing it myself. I was in and out in fifteen minutes, which was definitely a lot easier than travelling all the way to Glasgow to get a jab, then turn around and come home.

So far, no hot flushes, just a little bit of a headache on and off. And I'm not going to let that stop me from enjoying my walk today.


  1. Hope you are enjoying your walks again.

    1. I had a lovely walk, thanks. There's a post all about it going up tomorrow. :-)

  2. I often find that being out in the fresh air helps considerably if suffering from a headache so hopefully your walk was beneficial. Fifteen miles is quite some trek - I'm very impressed and looking forward to hearing how it all went :)

    1. Same here, or if I've had a tough day, I like getting out to unwind. The walk was definitely good for me, good company and lots of chatting and laughing.

      The post about it will be going up tomorrow. :-)


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