Thursday, 12 January 2017

Christmas in Wales: Part 4, Christmas Day

By Christmas morning the tree in the living room was looking something like this:

And this wasn't even all the gifts!

After breakfast (and waiting for everyone to get up) we got down to the serious business of present exchanging.

Of course, I was utterly spoiled.

The definite theme of the year was definitely Harry Potter and calendars. Not only do I have a trip to London for the Harry Potter Studio Tour to plan in the very near future (courtesy of Mum & Stepdad), but I've also just finished reading the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (courtesy of Mr Click). In the picture above I'd just unwrapped the Johanna Basford colouring calendar (which I've sadly fallen behind on but intend to catch up with shortly), which was the first of several calendars (we currently have a labrador one, a Knit & Purl one, and hanging beside my bed, perfectly merging both gift themes this year, we have a Harry Potter colouring in calendar).

Possibly my biggest Christmas gift win was Mr Click's main present.

His mobile phone has been running out of room since the latest iOS update so he's been making comments about getting a tablet of some flavour. I agreed that this sounded like a very good idea.

I'd mentioned repeatedly my failed attempts to win him one in various competitions at work where they were on offer.

I'd bemoaned my lack of luck.

I'd agreed that it would be a good idea for him to look in the January sales to see whether he could pick one up at a decent price.

I suggested that he perhaps look on Amazon on Boxing Day because they usually have some Boxing Day sales.

I sat with him on Christmas Eve helping him pick out the very Kindle Fire tablet which I'd bought him all those weeks before.

Little did he know that I'd succeeded in bagging a bargain on Black Friday and during all of this is was wrapped up and sitting under the Christmas tree.

I think the look on his face here says it all!

And he and the Kindle have been virtually inseparable ever since. He even read two books on it in roughly the time it took me to read one over the holiday as well. I'm very pleased he's getting use out of it.

Other gifts I was particularly proud of included 'Sprout' pencils (pencils with seeds in which you can plant when you're done writing) and hot chocolate baubles for my Stepdad, and for my Mum; a Plant Theatre tomato growing kit (with wild and wonderful varieties of tomatoes) and cookie cutters which you can put your own messages into to stamp them on the biscuits.

I started Christmas shopping early this year and I have to say, I was at the top of my game!

Post-present opening, we relocated to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Christmas Dinner. Normally Christmas dinner is a quiet affair with just the four of us. This year it was dinner for twelve!

This was followed by more present opening, a Die Hard film, and one of the longest games of Trivial Pursuit I've ever played. It didn't actually finish until the early hours of Boxing Day morning.

Once we got home and into bed I still couldn't sleep because Mr Click was so excited about his new toy (which he hadn't played with while we were out) I had to help him set up Facebook, and Twitter, and Facebook Messenger, and eBay, and... well, lots of things.

I think that's the sign of Christmas well spent!


  1. I'm intrigued by the sprout pencils. I've never heard of those. What a great idea.

    1. Yeah, I happened upon them by chance and knew exactly who I would get them for.

      It's one of those wonderfully quirky little gifts.

  2. Sounds like everyone was very happy.

    1. Definitely. It was a really wonderful day. :-)

      Hope you had a good Christmas too.


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