Thursday, 26 January 2017

Vivid Dreaming

I'm not sure if it's the Metformin or if it's something else but recently I've been having the most crazy vivid dreams.

And they're too interesting not to share.

Monday night
I was back at my Halls of Residence, except they were in a different city and looked totally different. But I still knew it was my Halls. Somehow.

We'd not been there for about ten years, but loads of people who lived there at the same time as me were there too, and we were all picking up our stuff which they'd cleared out of our rooms. They'd piled it all up in the hallway and staircase so we could help ourselves to it, but it was really well packed together so pulling out one item would threaten to bring the whole lot down. Our rooms had already been reassigned to new people; I think mine was occupied by someone called Eilidh.

I managed to find my old printer (which wasn't even the one I had when I was at Uni). I got excited because, 'hey, this'll save me from buying a new one'.

After that I was just wanting to get away with all of my stuff, but the people from Halls were wanting to talk to me. We'd not seen each other in about a decade and several of them were saying that we'd have to meet up some time for a catch up, so I nodded along with them, but at the same time in my dream I was thinking 'we are never going to see each other again'.

Tuesday night
I was at work, except we were in a car park surrounded by houses and flats. We were all working in the car park, doing what we normally do at work.

I had a bit of a problem so I went to speak to my manager who was sitting on a raised platform in the centre of the car park.

It doesn't sound like much but it was really vivid and we had this weird sort of video messaging thing so we could see the people we were talking too. And it felt like a place I've been before, I just can't quite place it in my mind. It's been bugging me ever since.

Wednesday night
This was the most disturbing dream so far but also kind of funny at the same time (in hindsight).

I was in some sort of dark and scary place where there were all kinds of creepy people and things. There were demons or something and I had to walk through this maze of rooms and buildings to get to one specific one. I was given this weird belt which looked like it had been knitted in loopy stitch; as long as I was wearing that, I would be safe and not eaten by a vampire or anything.

Then I was taken out to this green where Pocket was in the small cage by himself and I realised that was why I was there; to pick up my rat who these people had taken. Except his back end and front end were moving around the cage independently of one another, kind of like the bit of Riley's nightmare in Inside Out:

But instead of being open, there were sort of metal discs there, presumably to keep his insides in.

I ended up joining him back together with a couple of magnets, but I was very upset because even though they were fastened together, there was still a join there.

When I woke up, even though I knew it was totally irrational and I knew the dream wasn't real, I still had to go and check up on him to make sure that Pocket was all in one piece. (You'll be pleased to know he was).

Do you remember your dreams? What're the weirdest dreams you've had?


  1. I've been having some interesting dreams too. A recurring one is often returning to my old high school (I think schools and Uni settings are fairly common in dreams, not sure what they exactly mean though) and having to return to school to study for exams again (yes, weird at my age!) whilst others involve visiting pubs that only ever exist in my own head. They aren't pubs I've ever been too! I tell you what though, my imagination conjures up some lovely pubs haha

    1. Hehe, I wonder if you'll ever walk into a pub and realise that you've been there before, just not while you were conscious.

      I suspect my Uni dream is to do with anxiety and being stressed about stuff. It was so vivid and also so totally different to where I was actually at Halls.

    2. It does sometimes make me wonder if I'm predicting somewhere I'll visit one day!

  2. I wonder if vivid dreams are a side effect.

    1. I've not seen anything to suggest they are, but I think it's highly likely.

  3. Sounds like you've had some weird dreams. lol Glad to her Pocket is alright.
    I've had nightmares since I was around 10 years old. I used to have Night Terrors but thankfully I don't have then much anymore. But I have nightmares 5-6 times a week and started thinking of them as my very own Horror movies. lol

    1. I've had some horror movie nightmares at times as well. They're never fun. The dreams which aren't scary are good fun though.


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