Saturday, 21 January 2017

IVF #3: Vlog #2

I'd planned to get this up sooner than this, but last weekend I developed a wonderful cold which didn't make the prospect of sitting at my laptop editing a video of myself very attractive.

On the 10th we went for our first official IVF #3 appointment in Glasgow (which necessitated a 5am start) and I recorded the video below shortly after I got home. As of yesterday I've started taking the medications I picked up at that appointment and so far, so good. I think Dodger being poorly on Friday helped take my mind off of it somewhat.

In the video I also talk about the fact that I feel like it's good for your well-being to do something for yourself, something enjoyable, when you have hospital appointments. It's served us well during our previous cycles; I don't mean going out for a huge meal or buying loads of things every time, but I think it's worth doing something a little out of the ordinary to counter the whole hospital experience.

Once again, I'd love it if you'd watch my video and feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions.

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