Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Patter of (Sixteen!) Tiny Feet

Interrupting my recap of my trip to Wales for a brief announcement that the Clan has grown by sixteen feet today.

The house has felt rather empty since we lost Yoda in November. We always used to call goodbye to our rats (or more recently, rat) when we left the house and the first thing we'd do upon our return would be to call our hello to them, so it's felt weird not having anyone to say hello or goodbye to for the last couple of months.

We could get new ratties until after we returned from Wales, so I set the date of the 7th for our little trek to the mainland to bring home some bundles of joy, not really expecting that we would be able to get away that day but hoping that by the time the date rolled around we would have a date when we could go get them.

So it was a pleasant surprise when we actually made it off the island this morning.

And by 9am we'd met and settled on which rats would come home with us.

There were only four boys and it seemed like such a shame to separate them. I'd kind of set my heart on having three so there was no way I could leave one behind. Besides, there's a black one, a himalayan, one which is definitely brown (and may be an agouti) and a little black hooded; how can you pick just two out of that combination?

We decided to bring all four home!

Clockwise, from the top this is Fezziwg (brown rat), Dodger (black and white), Jingle (black) and Pocket (white).

Brownie points if you can guess the name theme we're using for these guys.


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute! They are so adorable. I hope to see lots of rattie pics in the future.

    1. They're so tiny and cute. Rest assured, I can see lots of rattie pics in the future. ;-)


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