Monday, 30 January 2017

IVF# 3: Vlog #2 - Metformin & Side Effects

Despite having a cold, being a snotty wreck, and not having changed out of my pyjamas, in my wisdom I decided to record another vlog about our IVF treatment on Saturday.

In this one I talk about starting the Metformin and the lovely host of side effects that I've received this go around, as well as my attempts to counteract them.

It's a lot shorter this week because I don't have a huge amount to say. But if you can't watch it the gist is this:
  • Metformin side effects as of Saturday included; a squirmy tummy (without actually being upset), headaches, nausea, tiredness, possibly a general run down sort of feeling (which may be contributing to the never ending cold) and anxiety.
  • The nausea has been countered with ginger biscuits (which may or may not be a psychological cure); eating also helps, even though usually when you're feeling like you could throw up this is the last thing you want to do. In the past sea sickness bands have helped but I've misplaced them now.
  • After spending a day feeling all wound up and anxious (and not being able to tell you exactly why) I cracked out the IVF Belief CD which I first got way back on our first go. I've been listening to the first track most nights since then and sleeping a lot better for it.
  • I started off on one Metformin per day (at breakfast) for a week, before upping the dose to two (one at breakfast, one with tea) in order to avoid getting all of the side effects at once. As of recording the video there were no extra side effects to report.
  • Now it's all about the waiting, which we're all very good at, because my next hospital appointment hinges on when my period shows up. It was due yesterday.
I'm planning on making my next video when we've actually been to the hospital and I may or may not make a bonus video demonstrating our journey from home to hospital and back again at the same time.

All being well my period will show up, my hospital appointment will be rescheduled for later this week and I may have another video to post by the weekend!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I've just started my ivf journey and been on metformin for just over a week now. I've been so sick with it, I thought I was being pathetic but after lots of googling I now know I'm not alone! Travel sicknesses bands are currently my favourite accessory. And I totally get you about feeling better when eating, weirdest/strongest neausa I've ever had!
    It's only the beginning for us but after reading/watching your blogs it's made me feel a lot less alone with my anxieties.

    1. Glad you found this useful. Good luck with your treatment. :)


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