Wednesday, 15 March 2017


... posts for the A to Z Challenge.

After my post on Monday I decided I would go ahead with the challenge. I figure it's a good way to get ahead of myself on my blog posts, and since Sundays are free I can still do my Silent Sunday posts. That might just mean skipping out on a few book review posts along the way but I don't mind missing those.

I drew up a double page spread in my bullet journal, and I've got a spreadsheet on my computer as well, which I'm using to plan out the words I'll base my posts around. I'll admit that X is becoming a bit of a sticking point (alarmingly enough, this hasn't really been a problem in the past), but I'm sure I'll get there, even if I have to get a little bit creative with it.

Check back next Monday to see what I'm planning to blog about during April.

... Zen Culture by Thomas Hoover.

It's a free ebook which I picked up about five years ago (when I first got my Kindle) mainly because it mentioned the influence of Zen culture in Japan on literature and poetry. I thought that sounded interesting. And it has been, though it's taking me a while to get through because there are a lot of Japanese names and terms which I'm muddling through.

It's an interesting read though and I'm definitely learning a lot from it. It is making me feel like writing haiku again which I've not done since my OU Creative Writing course.

... the very last episode of 24, series 5. We'll be moving on to series 6 tomorrow.

Sadly we're also coming to the end of The Muppet Show episodes that we have on DVD. Getting towards time to pick what we'll watch next. I'm really going to miss The Muppet Show, it's perfect bedtime viewing.

What entertainments are occupying you this week?


  1. Oh what are you going to watch next? You'll have to keep us posted.

    1. Honestly? I have no idea. We'll have to see what our options are. Mr Click recently got a couple of new series but neither of them really appeal to me so it'll probably be something we've watched before.

  2. Loved 24, Jack Bauer was a stud. I've even enjoyed the current season even though it's Bauer-less.

    1. I'm not sure when we'll get to watch the newest series since we're borrowing the DVDs from a friend, but I'd definitely like to give it a go at some point. :-)

  3. Good luck with the A to Z challenge.

    1. Thank you. Fingers crossed it goes well and I can get lots of posts scheduled before April!


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