Friday, 10 March 2017

Little Love Hearts

One thing anyone with rats will be familiar with will be the little messages of love one finds throughout the day.

These can take various shapes and forms, but I think that they do it because they want us to remember them when we're away from them. And what do we always have when we're away from our pets? Why, clothes of course!

So that's where they leave their little messages.

To this day I have dozens of tops with Nero Nibbles in them. My personal favourite is long gone, but it took the shape of a 'N' carefully nibbled into a nearly new set of curtains! The majority of the Nero Nibbles are in the hoods of the hoodies which he used to ride around in.

Not a terribly long time after I graduated and got my OU hoodie, Yoda (who liked to sit in the pocket) left me a little memento of himself by nibbling the stitching at the edge of the front pocket. I remember being quite upset and not knowing how I could fix my ruined hoodie.

Though Yoda's been gone for four months now, every time I wear it my fingers wander to that frayed little patch which is barely noticeable to everyone else and remember my little old man rat. I don't feel angry about that hole any more.

So I'm sure that with time the frustration at finding a hole in the pair of jeans I wore to work today will lessen. Of course these were my best pair of jeans, the only ones which haven't been consigned to the dog walking or slobbing around the house drawer (owing to existing stains and holes).

This hole does of course mean that I'm going to have to do some shopping and buy myself some more jeans because I now own exactly zero pairs of blue jeans without holes and/or stains in them. Shopping's not such a bad thing really, I'll use it as an excuse to pick up some nice new things for work, so in that respect it's almost a good thing.

And I'm not actually sure who this little nibble was from, so I don't know which ratty in the Mischief I should get mad at. But I definitely think they were trying to tell me they love me.

It is vaguely heart shaped after all!


  1. That is so funny. All my shirts have little holes in them. Flower loved to just hang out in my shirts. She would dive bomb over my shoulder and sit in my shirt on my hip. I didn't realize that while she was hanging out there that she was redecorating the place with holes...hundreds of tiny holes. lol

    1. Hehe, Flower sounds a lot like Nero, it was quite the shock when we discovered all the holes in our hoods, hehe.

  2. Well, that's one way to look at it...

    1. I'd rather think they were giving me love messages than think they just wanted to chew holes in my clothes, hehe.


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