Friday, 24 March 2017

The Return of the Wobbly Rat!

We were away on the mainland all day yesterday. We left on the 7am boat and returned at 7pm. It was a long (but lovely) day (more about that in another blog post).

But we returned to a Dodger rat who was looking slightly out of sorts.

He was standing up to the water bottle in the cage, having a drink and seeming perfectly happy with himself, but there was just something about the angle he was at that didn't seem quite right to me. We swithered about whether there was anything wrong with him, or if we were just imagining things, then got the Mischief out to play in the bathroom.

And Dodger was decidedly wonky with a distinctive wobble to his step.

He was still chuntering around all over the place, climbing, jumping, washing, eating. But he was a little out of sorts too. After having a wander, he snuggled up on Mr Click for a really long cuddle (and we both know that his preferred cuddle buddy is me).

So he spend the night in the small cage with us in the bedroom so we could keep an eye on him.

Come this morning he was no different, so it was a 9am phone call to the vet to take him in for another antibiotic injection. It would appear that having braved an ear infection in his right ear two months ago, he's decided to give it a go in his left this time.

And while he's still my Dinky Little D, he's a slightly bigger Dinky D. He's more robust and so far he's handling it a lot better than last time. He's still hanging out in the baby/hospital cage as I type this, but that's mainly because we don't want him wobbling up to the top of the big cage and wobbling off a shelf where he could hurt himself.

Aside from peeing all over the table at the vet (prompting our vet, who is wonderful, to joke 'didn't you take him out before you brought him in?') he was very good about having the injection. And he was rewarded by getting to spend the day at my in-laws' house (where the cat was actually evicted from the room when she started looking at him like he might be dinner) and got to try lots of nice nibblies.

Hopefully I'll soon be giving you an update that my little cuddlebug is back to his normal, non-wonky, self.


  1. Aww poor baby. Hopefully he's back to normal real soon. He so darn cute.

    1. Thank you. He's such a sweetie and he's feeling a bit better today. Still slightly wonky but moving a lot more steadily. He's currently snuggled up with one of his brothers in the hospital cage and we might put him back in the big one with them tonight.

  2. He is adorable. Prayers that he recovers fully and fast! Hugs.

    1. Thank you. He's doing better since his trip to the vet on Friday and hopefully a repeat trip tomorrow will have him completely back to normal.


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