Thursday, 16 March 2017

How Many Rats Can You Fit In A Hammock?

More specifically, a baby rat hammock?

How many rats can you see in this picture?

If you said four, you would be correct.

Normally the hammock is Fezzi and Jingle's domain:

Dodger gets up there with them fairly often as well, he likes to snuggle in for cuddles with his bigger brothers. But normally Pocket hangs out in the grass house. He's never been much of a one for hammocks and he's quite a solitary ratty:

And of course that's not to say that he doesn't have a brother or two in there to cuddle as well when he needs to (I think that's Dodger cuddling him in the picture above).

But yesterday evening Pocket evidently decided that he needed to join in on the hammock loving, so he sort of propped himself up on the grass house and stretched across the hammock with his brothers. None of them looked particularly comfortable, but they stayed all snuggled together for a pretty long time, so who knows.

Ratties are funny little creatures.


  1. I got four. So, I was right? I guess it's time for a bigger hammock?

    1. Yep, you got them all. They do have a bigger hammock in their actual cage (but they still make that look like a squish regardless of how many are in there). Today there's just the two of them in there, one in the grass house and one in the corner.

  2. It's so funny when they do that. I had 4 rats in a big cage and there were houses and hammocks all over it but they chose to sleep together most of the time.

    1. These four don't usually sleep together like this. In fact it's rare to see Pocket in a hammock, he likes to sleep in the box on the ground floor. I guess sometimes he feels like he's missing out.

      There is absolutely nothing cuter or cuddlier than a big old pile of rats. ;-)


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