Wednesday, 22 March 2017


... in the middle of charger central.

To my left is my phone, charging after I was playing with it at work today and then used it to track my evening walk with Tara. On the left hand side of my laptop is my Fitbit, on the right is my powerbank.

I'm charging everything up ready for a trip to the mainland tomorrow. We're off on a shopping expedition (and for the car to be MOT'd).

... to buy a printer.

I got £31 worth of vouchers at work a few months ago so I've been planning on putting them towards a printer. I'm fairly certain that I know which one I'm going to get and hopefully with the vouchers it'll cost me less than a tenner as well. Bargain!

... The Young Ones.

Well, not right this minute, but as soon as I'm done with this post and head to bed. Since we've finished watching The Muppet Show The Young Ones has become our bedtime viewing. I wasn't too keen on the first episode, but three episodes in and I think I'm liking it a little more.

... to bed. Early.

We've had a few late nights. Well, I say we, I mean me. I've been staying up far too late reading for far too long and we have an early start in the morning, so I should really stop here and head for bed.



  1. I absolutely LOVE The Young Ones...are you playing spot the hippy? There's a hippy hiding somewhere on set in every episode of the 1st series at least (I think the packed this inside joke in for the 2nd series) But yes, I was a huge fan of The Young Ones and Rik and Ade in general. I hope you continue to enjoy the eps...

    1. I think I've spotted the hippy in one episode so far. :-) We've just finished the first series last night and I will admit that it's grown on me in the watching.

      It's good fun looking out for comedians who went on to be famous in their own right on it as well.

    2. Yes there's a host of familiar faces who pop up throughout both series. My love for the show extends to a T Shirt I used to have with the Scumbag College line up (I don't have it any more though *sobs*) and this fridge market bought at the HTV Scarborough meet no less!

      I'm currently working my way through Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps before bed each evening. I watched it back in the day but tailed off around the fifth series. I'm now two eps into the sixth series, but may stop once I've reached the end, even though the DVDs are dirt cheap, as Ralf Little left then and I'm told the show went downhill.

  2. I remember when The Young Ones was on. I didn't watch it. You're really making me feel old with these selections...

    1. I probably wouldn't have chosen this to watch myself. It's Mr Click's choice for nostalgia's sake. There's something comforting about watching older programmes at bedtime.

  3. I've been looking for a basic printer since my last one stopped working. I've narrowed it down to 5 different ones. Now to chose one.

    1. It took me a while to narrow my choices down, and then to whittle those away to the one I actually wanted. For a long time I was looking at one which included a fax machine. It was about twice the price of the one I eventually went for and only marginally better print/scan quality, but it looked smart so it took me a long time to talk myself out of it.

      Good luck picking the right one for you. :-)


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