Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day Zero Project: Make a Photo Wall

There used to be someone I chatted to only who had a fantastic photo wall that I was very much in envy of. One whole wall of her room was completely covered in photos and as time went on they were creeping across onto a second wall. Each photo was up there for a reason and had some story behind it.

Ever since then I've really wanted to get together some photos and pin them up on my walls in the same way. I've not done it yet, though I've signed up for dozens of free trials on photo printing sites. I'm yet to actually send off to get any of my photos printed. I think part of it is that I just don't know where to start.

I think it would work best if it was an organic process, gradually coming together as I add special photos to it. I want to get them printed in all different sizes and shapes as well to make it really interesting. As you can see, I'm spending rather more time planning this than I probably should.

Kind of what I imagine my photo wall looking like, but with less random photos!
Right now I'm just trying to decide exactly where the photo wall should go. Originally I'd imagined it running down the staircase, at about eye level so you could see it when you're going up and down the stairs. But as we tend to keep the spare bedroom and bathroom doors closed (to prevent Tara from going all Andrex Puppy on the toilet roll in the bathroom) it's quite dark (I'm lazy and rarely turn the light on when I'm going up and downstairs if I can avoid it) so I worry that it might make it seem darker.

The other option is the wall at the head of our bed. It's a big blank space of wall at the moment (though I do worry about marking the walls with blu-tak). I'm also a bit concerned about how I feel about having photos of family members right over my head while I'm sleeping and *ahem* other stuff. That might feel a bit weird. Plus the sun shines in through the window opposite. I'm not sure about whether that might cause photos to fade. Maybe I'll be rotating through different ones often enough for it not to make a difference.

As you can see. This is a project that is kind of in progress. But it needs a little more thought before I can do anything truly spontaneous!

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