Sunday, 23 June 2013

Project 52: Week 25 - Sunshine

This week's theme was sunshine which shouldn't really have posed too much of a problem. Unfortunately as the week has gone on the skies have become decidedly more cloudy and overcast. So I've had to adapt to get a picture representing sunshine.

I've gone a little bit more abstract with this one as a result of this. Trying to take a photo of the sun shining would be a little bit boring anyway. I'd considered trying to catch one of a sunrise or sunset, perhaps reflected on the sea, but then I started thinking about other things that kind of suggested sunshine.

I decided to go for flowers, specifically yellow ones because that's a nice sunny sort of colour. In the garden next door to us are some lovely giant daisy flowers. I thought that they would make the perfect photo. I've always liked that the name 'daisy' came from 'days eyes' because they open and close with the sun. Unfortunately it's been pretty windy here recently so when I went out to finally take a photo of my sunshiny flowers I found they were all bent over double and so that option wasn't going to work any more.

Week 25: Sunshine
These were the sunniest looking flowers I could find. They're from one of the bushes in the car park outside our house. There were some slightly yellower ones but it was really windy when I was trying to take the photo and the bush they were on were blowing around all over the place so I couldn't focus on them, so I settled with this particular flower. Lots of them were looking a little bit tatty so I must have looked a bit strange scanning all the flower blossoms while I looked for exactly the right one to snap.

I did adjust the saturation and colour tone on this photo. It was a bit grey because it was really cloudy outside so I did what needed to be done to make it look like it was being taken during decent daylight. It's maybe not the photo I would've originally taken but I'm pleased with how it's turned out. It's nice and simple.

Next week's theme is delight. I have no idea what I'm going to do for that but hopefully something will come to me before the end of the week.

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