Wednesday, 5 June 2013

TMA06 Word Cloud

The final TMA of A230 was based on Sam Selvon's text, The Lonely Londoners, particularly with reference to an article which was written as a sort of review of it. The question itself was looking at how 'black identity' is constructed in the story.

And this is how my essay ended up looking:

TMA 06
Evidently 'black' was one of the things that I mentioned most frequently; Selvon is obviously the text author and Bentley was the author of the article we had to reference. I spoke a fair bit about several of the characters and you can see Moses, Bart, Galahad, Harris, Five and Tanty, all of whom are there in various different sizes.

It didn't take me as long to write it as I thought it would. All in I think I must have spent about five hours on it. At 2000 words it was one of the longest of the course and at the time of writing it I hadn't had a chance to retrieve my previous assignment to see what my tutor's comments said. Once I'd got that I found one of the things that had been suggested was that I write the essay before referring to the article, but I did it the other way around; referring to the article and then writing my own interpretation.

As I write this I'm still waiting to find out how I did. I was probably the most pleased with the end result for this than any other essay this year. Then again, it's always the ones I feel most worried about that I do best on, so maybe I shouldn't be too confident about this one.

At any rate, it's done now and I'm supposed to be focusing on my revision for the exam (my last exam for this degree because my final course appears to have an EMA instead of an exam)! I've been doing mind maps and practice questions so hopefully I'll be suitably prepared. Watch this space to see how I get on next week!

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