Sunday, 2 June 2013

Project 52: Week 22 - Hands

This week the theme for my photo was hands which I kind of had a picture in my mind of what I wanted to do from the minute I saw the theme. I wasn't totally sure what the picture would be of, but I knew I wanted it to be black and white, or at least heavily desaturated.

I considered using the hands of one of the older people that I know, perhaps holding something significant or with their hand beside something important. But I never really got the chance to do anything with that. I also considered trying to take a photo of my hands as I did some knitting, but I decided that would be too awkward to pose.

I ended up going with my favourite model, my husband. I'd thought about taking a photo of his hand on the dog's head or perhap on some music. He suggested holding his flugelhorn but I wanted something smaller. In the end I pulled of my rings and had him hold those in his cupped hands.

Week 22: Hands
It's terribly posed, and I don't normally like posed photos at all, but I like the way that this one has turned out. This was the last one that I took and I switched the format from portrait to landscape. I liked way that the focus fell in this one.

I used a sepia effect on this which I preferred to the standard monochrome effect. It gives it just a little bit more colour and texture. I didn't save a copy of any of the straight-forward black and white ones but they seemed flatter somehow. I'm pleased with this effect, so it's one that I'll remember for the future. I'm going to play around with it to see what else it'll work with.

Next week's theme is chairs which I think will take some work. We've only got one chair in our house (plus a couple of fold-up ones for the beach). I don't have any idea yet, but I'm sure something'll come to me.

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