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Chapter-by-Chapter: New Moon, Chapter 3 (Part 2)

I started this chapter last week but it was going on forever so I decided to chop it in half. Small mercies, at least it was shorter than the actual chapter in New Moon.

In the first part of this chapter very little happened, other than Bella and Edward having an obvious distance growing between them. Oh, and at one point Bella did play with the camera her dad got her and started to think about filling in the scrapbook she got from her mum.

So let's get on with Chapter Three: The End.

What Happens?

Edward announces that he and Bella must talk. It's one of those talks. After he leaves Bella just wanders around in the forest until she is found. Oh and Edward has sort of deleted himself from her life.

Thoughts as I read:

Are you enjoying this chapter? I'm still waiting for it to start. I can't get over how dull it is. In short, Edward is distant and Bella is depressed about it. This kind of reminds me of how I write during NaNo when I know there's a scene I want to get to but don't know just how to get there so I keep writing and writing stuff to keep the words coming until I figure out a way to tie it all together.

At last we reach a point, after twelve pages no less, when Edward and Bella agree to talk. Bella quickly figures out that this is a talk with a capital T. After all those pages without anything happening, what comes next happens very quickly. Edward announces he's leaving. I can't help but cheer a little when I read this.

Edward is basically breaking up with Bella. He and his family are going and she can't go with him. I'm guessing they're all going to Denali then. She's really desperate for him not to go, but I can't help but read this as Edward trying to gently dump the girl, whilst grasping the opportunity to escape with both hands.

"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." He spoke the words slowly and precisely, his cold eyes on my face, watching as I absorbed what he was really saying.

He even tells her that he doesn't want her. She takes it surprisingly well. Meanwhile Edward's still telling her that he wants to just be who he is, rather than trying to be something he's not. This is a very good thing to do. Stop pretending to be someone else. Be yourself. Tell Bella what you really think of her and then get out of town.

Edward's still being very nice to her through all this. If you really wanted to break up with her properly, you should tell her exactly what you think of her. She definitely wouldn't follow you then, nor would she do whatever 'reckless' thing you're thinking she might try. All the same, he does promise never to see her again. Well, I know that's one promise he's not going to keep. Oh Edward, you just keep on letting me down!

I am slightly sad about the fact that Edward promises Bella won't see Alice again either, since they're all going away. Although I know they're going to come back again, I still think Alice is the most interesting character in these books and we don't see nearly enough of her. Even if she does have some weird thing going on with Charlie.

He gives her a kiss goodbye and then he's gone. Yay!

Bella does not share my enthusiasm. If only we could get rid of her as well, this book would be perfect.

I walked and walked. Time made no sense as I pushed slowly through the thick undergrowth. It was hours passing, but also only seconds. Maybe it felt like time had frozen because the forest looked the same no matter how far I went. I started to worry that I was traveling in a circle, a very small circle at that, but I kept going. I stumbled often, and, as it grew darker and darker, I fell often, too.

She'd better hope that the hospital gets a new doctor soon because it sounds like Bella's going to need one.

We get the book title here as well. It's dark because it's a 'new moon'. It's some sort of subtle message that, isn't it. This is the dawning of a new phase in Bella's life, right?

She carries on lying out in the rain in the forest for hours, despite someone calling for her. Eventually some guy called Sam Uley finds her. There's been some search party out for her and we've still got another ten pages before this chapter ends! It's never ending!

Charlie takes over from Sam and gets Bella home. For some reason Charlie has trouble supporting Bella. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. I guess it's because I'm so used to the Cullen Clan picking her up and carrying her around without any trouble. Sam seems to know something about the Cullens that no one else does because when he found her he asked 'Have you been hurt?' something that Bella doesn't catch on to until the doctor asks 'Are you hurt?' It's a subtle difference that suggests Sam knows about his vampire neighbours. Is Sam a werewolf as well? It would explain the snuffling sound Bella heard when she woke up.

It appears Sam probably is since Bella mentions the men who were helping to look for her were from the Quileute Indian reservation. Are all the people from there werewolves or just some of them? There are other people who were involved in the search as well, including the fathers of some of Bella's friends. Great way to make sure that everyone knows about your break up. Bella fobs them all off by telling them she got lost in the forest.

The news about the Cullens leaving has already spread. Apparently Carlisle got some fantastic offer and they took off immediately. I get the impression that Charlie has figured out just how Bella come to be wandering the woods at night. She snoozes while Charlie fields phone calls that are obviously from people who want to check up on how she's doing, until one of them isn't.

There's a fire some place. I was expecting it to be the Cullens burning their house down or something but instead it's nowhere near as dramatic. The kids at the reservation are lighting bonfires to celebrate the departure of the vampires. The conversation then turns to how Charlie knew where to look. Apparently Bella left a note for him. Interesting considering she never actually wrote one so Edward obviously suspected that she was going to do something stupid.

I actually kind of like this last bit, Bella runs upstairs to her room, having realised that in order for Edward to have forged a note from her he must have been in the house. In her bedroom the CD he made for her is missing, as is the photo of him from the scrapbook. Just like he promised, it's like he was never there.

How profound.

And yet, I'm just wondering whether he took the stereo out of her truck.

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