Friday, 13 November 2015

Chapter-by-Chapter: New Moon, Non-Chapter

It's NaNo and I had a busy week last week, so forgive me for cheating somewhat with this week's chapter review post. Also, Happy Friday the 13th, what better day to pick up a vampire book.

The last chapter was a really long one so I split it in two, basically it boiled down to the fact that Edward wanted to leave Bella. So he did, and surgically removed himself from her life. Bella was somewhat distressed by this and so wandered into the forest. In turn this required her to be rescued by her dad and his friends. It was a gripping read.

You can imagine my delight when I looked across at the next page after the end of the neverending third chapter to see:


Ooh, we're jumping ahead, I thought. I turned the page, expecting to see the next chapter. Instead what I saw was:


Interesting, I thought. I'll be reading the book in real time, and turned the page for Chapter 4, only to find it said:


Which was closely followed over the page by:


The page after that has a number 4 on it and a chapter title, so it looks like the story picks up after that. But all this page turning and excitement about whether or not we're rejoining the story has tired me out and the next chapter looks like another long one, so we'll get into that next week.

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