Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Rundown: NaNo Progress

I'll keep this brief because I'm trying to get up to thirty thousand words this weekend and I've got a little way still to go now.

Normally I would have spent Saturday bumping up my word count, but instead I spent a good half of the day working on my shepherds for my nativity. I went into the weekend at 21,000 words so I felt like I could afford to take it easy for a while. Luckily I don't show any signs of reaching the Second Week Slump yet. I'm happy with the way my story is going, even if I am still only at the early stages (despite heading into my fourth chapter).

I've managed to make it up to 25,000 words now. I wrote 4,002 yesterday; slightly less than the 5,000 I had hoped to aim for. I probably could've managed another thousand later in the evening after tea, since most of what I did was procrastinating on forums and blogs, but I'm still well ahead. I should get another 5,000 down today which'll take me up to a nice round 30,000. Not a bad start for the second week.

When I get around to rewriting it, I think I'm going to have to bring in mention of the story's villain a little earlier than I am at the moment. The dental conference he will be attending didn't get a mention until over 15,000 words and he still hasn't shown up yet. I tend to do this NaNo though, I start things slow and get my word count up early and then rush through things later on when I've got my word count in the bag. I am hoping to work on this book later on down the line though, so that's something at least, I am writing it with revisions in mind.

As I mentioned, I've been back to knitting my nativity again. My shepherds now have arms. I just need to finish off their headgear and beards, then pinch a couple of straws from my mum-in-law to make them staffs. Then it's on with the sheep.

It's funny how I've been procrastinating on my knitting for so long and now I'm using knitting to procrastinate on NaNo.

Aside from writing and knitting, we've officially started watching out Not-Quite-Christmas films. So far we've watched:
  • Paddington (because Christmas at the end)
  • Ballet Shoes (because Christmas in the film)
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (because Christmas song)
  • The Holiday (because set at Christmas)
  • Love Actually (ditto above)
  • The Wizard of Oz (because Mr Click insists it used to be on TV at Christmas when he was little)

Alvin and the Chipmunks was a bit of a sore point because Mr Click had put his bet on it being The Wizard of Oz that he was drawing out of the pot, whilst I insisted it was going to be Alvin and the Chipmunks. I guessed completely right (with odds of 1/8). He was a little miffed.

He did get The Wizard of Oz yesterday evening. Unfortunately he fell asleep around twenty minutes into it, so I got to watch it (while sewing up shepherds' arms and hands) and he snored until the dog woke him up.

I should really get back to my NaNo now. See you on the other side of 30k!


  1. So, you've got half the word count, and you're feeling like you're behind? I wouldn't call the knitting procrastinating. I'd say that you're giving your mind a much needed writing break.

    1. I was more behind in the story than in my word count. I have an awful lot of words and still wasn't very far through the story. Still, I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far.


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