Saturday, 21 November 2015

Film Review: An Unexpected Journey, Part 3

It's Saturday, so time for another bit of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Last week Bilbo decided that he did want to go on an adventure and then promptly discovered that maybe he didn't want to all that much after all. And just when it didn't look like it could get any worse, they met some trolls.

85. The troll cave isn't quite as dirty and disgusting as I was expecting it from reading the book.

86. "Long term deposit." Hehe. I'm guessing we'll see Bilbo going back for it in the extended edition of the last film.

87. It's very good of Gandalf to polish the sword up for Bilbo before he gives it to him.

88. I have a little Sting letter opener in a special case. it's so shiny and pretty. Kind of sharp too. I've never used it to vanquish spiders though.

89. Ugh. More spiders. At least I've got a few weeks before I need to watch the second film.

90. Ooh, it's creepy how the statue moves. That's why I hate those people in Glasgow who dress up and pretend to be statues then move. I blame Doctor Who.

91. Oh Hai Witch King!

92. I remember being confused about the whole Necromancer thing when I first read The Lord of the Rings. I get that it was Sauron by another name now, but I like how this film makes it nice and clear.

93. Wargs!

94. They went to all that trouble to get the ponies back from the trolls and then lose them when they really need them. Not good guys.

95. "These are Gundabad Wargs, they will outrun you." "These are Rhosgobel Rabbits; I'd like to see them try!"

96. Thorin's pretty much figured out that Gandalf's heading for Rivendell, and Gandalf knows that he knows.

97. Nice shock, but would've been better if you could've killed them a bit quiter. You might as well have waved a big flag saying 'we're over here guys!'

98. Love how the music swells and gets all drummy here. I'm sure there are more technical terms for this, but you know what I mean.

99. The way Gandalf is counting everyone reminds me of a harassed teacher on a school trip with a bunch of unruly kids.

100. I wouldn't like to be walking along up on the top of that rock formation and fall down the hole. That would hurt.

101. Rivendell is so pretty. I just want to be there. And I love that we see so much more of it in this film.

102. I also love that we get to hear the Rivendell theme again. It's so neat that they brought back music from the three original films. It's such a nice way to keep everything tied together.

103. Uh oh, Thorin's figured out Gandalf's plan.

104. Figwit's back. And he's called Lindir. I like that he was so popular with the fans he got upgraded in this film.

105. I'm not sure if Bofur is being sweet and protective towards Bilbo when he pulls him back there, or if he's just trying to avoid another troll-like incident and is keeping the hobbit out of more trouble.

106. Hehe, the Dwarves are like 'he's insulting us... oh, food you say? That's okay then.'

107. The Dwarves are basically sitting at the children's table.

108. Poor Kili struggling with telling male and female Elves apart. I imagine Elves might have the same trouble with Dwarf women.

109. My Sting actually is a letter opener!

110. According to the special features, Martin Freeman wasn't available when they were filming these bits which is why we don't see him. They added him in afterwards with close ups and the long shots were his double.

111. Yay! Another song. Now when I read the book, I have to read it to this tune.

112. Balin doesn't really try to stop Thorin from handing over the map. Even when he says 'Thorin, no' it's kind of half-hearted.

113. Elrond is so awesome with all his languages and stuff. My hero. Oh, I've just realised. He's the Elvish version of Tolkien!

114. Quite a coincidence that the crew showed up on the exact day they needed to get there to read the map. Does make you wonder if Gandalf doesn't know more than he's letting on, doesn't it?

115. I need one of those altar things. It looks very pretty.

116. Uh, guys. Gandalf was covering up your quest and you've just given the whole game away. Couldn't have waited until after he'd left.

117. And now for another trip down memory lane. Is it a trip down memory lane if you're watching the prequel. Whatever. Let's visit Wethertop.

118. It would've been really cool if Bilbo could've stumbled across a young Aragorn and Arwen flirting with each other or something. Bilbo is a blatant Aragorn/Arwen shipper in the book.

119. Oh look, it's a ring. That's interesting. I wonder if we'll see something similar again.

120. Elrond just gets Hobbits. You can see why Bilbo ends up retiring there.

121. Hehe. I do love the Dwarves bathing in the fountain. We watched the theatrical release a little while ago and I think I missed that extra scene most of all.

122. Does Thorin go mad because his grandfather went mad? Or does Thorin goes mad because everyone keeps pointing out how he'll probably go mad?

We'll leave it there with that particularly deep thought today.

Next week, the gang decided the time has come to leave Rivendell. In doing so they stumble right into the Goblin caves bringing us to the moment where Bilbo acquires a little treasure which is going to change EVERYTHING.

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