Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 9: High Visibility

I didn't quite do what I planned for this week's photo. I'd wanted to play around with light and dark photography, using a long exposure, a torch and a hi-vis jacket which I thought would create an interesting photo. I'll maybe try that some other time.

This week I've been on the early shift so dark photography hasn't been too easy since I've been feeling ready for bed at around seven most evenings. It's not quite dark enough to get the full effect then. I also seem to be coming down with a cold, the last couple of nights I've been feeling tired and haven't had the energy to do much with the camera, so I decided to keep it simple.

Week 9: High Visibility
We got these armbands for when we're walking Tara on the estate in winter. There's a main road through the estate that we walk on, but there's no path, with a black dog we realised that we don't stand out very much. We got her a little flashing light which we clip onto her collar but realised that even with a torch, we're not always totally visible.

Which is why we wear these highly stylish armbands. I used to have a little Ladybird book about how to stay safe on the road and it included a photo of some kids wearing reflective armbands just like these. They definitely help us to stay visible. I played around with the saturation and highlights in this photo but it doesn't quite show just how bright they are.

The next photo theme is disguised. So far I haven't got any ideas for what it'll be, I'm sure I'll think of something by next week.

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