Sunday, 31 March 2013

Project 52: Week 13 - Early Morning

I thought that this would be easy what with the brighter mornings and the fact that I've been getting up early enough to enjoy them. However what I didn't count on was my complete and utter inability to actually remember to take photos until the evenings this week. This meant that capturing a photo conveying the essence of Early Morning proved a little tricky.

I did remember to take a photo in the morning today, though it wasn't particularly early. I suppose halfway there wasn't too bad. I didn't really know what I should take a photo of to show early morning, beyond the sunrise or something like a clock and our breakfast things. In the end, forgetting to take a photo actually helped to inspire me.

The curtains in our bedroom are quite thin and, being light-coloured, the sun shines through in the morning and evening. This is useful for reading without turning the light on, but I tend to wake up naturally when the sun shines through in the morning. In the summer that can mean waking up any time after about 4:30am. I like to enjoy the sun, but sometimes that's a little bit too early.

Week 13: Early Morning
This picture doesn't quite do justice to just how bright the sun was in the bedroom window this morning. It didn't really make much of a difference to the brightness of the room when we opened the curtains, it was that light.

We keep on saying we're going to get some new curtains, something a bit thicker, though I quite like the lighter ones. I like the natural light. Though I suppose I could do without the early morning wake up. These ones were already there when we moved in though and I've got used to the way the room looks with them.

Next week's theme is intense and I have no idea what I'll take a photo of. But I'll try and go for something a bit more imaginative than my bedroom curtains.

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