Sunday, 17 March 2013

Project 52: Week 11 - Mozambique

I had no idea what I was going to take a photo of for this week's challenge of Mozambique. I've never been to Africa and aside from a postcard a friend sent me from Ghana, I don't have any African trinkets.

Luckily a scoot around on the BBC news site gave me an idea. Next year's Commonwealth Games are taking place in Glasgow and one of the competing countries is none other than Mozambique!

I'm really not a sporty sort of person. I tend to get bored watching most sporting events because I don't take part in any myself so they don't hold my attention. But that said, with the Olympics last year, I got really into it. I found the diving strangely compelling, I loved the triathalon, the gymnastics and equestrian sports which I thought would bore me actually drew me in.

As a result of this, I'm really looking forward to the Commonwealth Games. I know it's unlikely that it'll be viewed in quite the same way as the Olympics, but it's just down the road from me (figuratively, there's a ferry to catch before you're on the road) so I feel that much closer to the action. Plus when I was in Glasgow at the Science Centre last summer I saw one of the buildings where events will be taking place. It's quite exciting really.

Week 11: Mozambique
For my photo this week, I did a little bit of googling to find out exactly which countries would be taking part in the Games and then took a photo of the results on my phone. Not the most imaginative photo, I know, but it's serving its purpose. Plus I learnt a little about the countries involved as well, so it was an educational photo.

Next week is On The Edge which I'm sure I'll find a good idea for, I've got a few ideas already.

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