Thursday, 14 March 2013

Day Zero Project: Start A Family

I added 'start a family' to my Day Zero list on the 1st of January 2012, even though at that point we'd already been trying to do just that for two years and one month exactly. We made the decision to tell Mr Click's family that we were 'trying' that day too and I figured that 1,001 days to do that in makes it an easy target to achieve.

Turns out that getting pregnant is hard!

There's a distinct possibility that I won't manage to achieve this one before the end of the time period this is running for. After all, I'll have spent roughly 730 days on the waiting list for IVF by the time we reach the top, not including the first three months of 2012 while we were waiting to be referred to a specialist and then waiting for results, plus however long it takes to actually start a cycle once we hit the top of the list (if I need more surgery that'll push us back by another six weeks).

I think it's safe to say achieving this one in 1,001 days may have been a bit optimistic.

On the other hand, while we've not achieved what we set out to do, we are on the waiting list waiting for hundreds of other desperate couples to have their dreams come true, we know why all the 'trying' has been fruitless, and we're seriously looking into going private to give us an extra chance. I hope that all this waiting is helping to make us more ready for when it does happen; that we'll be more financially stable than we were three years ago; we've got a more comfortable home, supportive friends and family; and when it happens we'll appreciate it all the more because it's been so long in coming.


  1. I'm sure it will happen for you guys, you know what they say 'good things come to those that wait'. Even if the waiting is less through choice than you'd like.
    I know that when it does happen, the little one will be so lucky to have all the love it's parents have to give. That's the best thing you can give.

    1. Thanks, luckily at the moment it's looking like we might has slightly less of a wait than we were expecting because we're investigating a private clinic.

      I like to think that the wait is going to help make us better in the long-run, we'll definitely appreciate it when we get it. :-)

  2. It wonderful that you have such a positive outlook and the support of family and friends. As Heather said, "Good things come..."

    1. Thank you, I've tried being angry and miserable about it and it just doesn't make you feel better. Staying positive is definitely the way forward. ;-)


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