Monday, 25 March 2013

Under the weather

I don't often get colds, on the whole I'm quite a healthy sort of person, but the other week I came down with an absolute stinker. In the run up to my TMA submission I was feeling generally bleh, but I put that down to the fact that I had a deadline that I was trying to ignore.

Then came the scratchy throat and the general lethargy and I knew I was going to end up feeling rotten. The Sunday and Monday I felt tired and achey and my throat was sore but by Tuesday I was hanging.

My job involves talking all day so you can see why this would cause me a bit of a problem. So far in over eighteen months I've not had to take a day off sick (a little personal record I'm kind of proud of). I kept on promising myself that if I made it through that day then I could have the next one off. The last thing I wanted to do was call in sick and then end up losing my voice and having to make it two days or more; if I'm going to call in sick, it's going to be because I'm really sick.

I got over it quickly enough but there was that nasty period in the middle feeling all sweaty and snotty. Luckily I had plenty of cold and flu capsules (and Mr Click kept me well supplied with Soothers, and didn't even complain too much when I passed it on to him).

When I'm not well I like to take it easy. The essentials are hot chocolate, plenty of cold and flu remedies, good TV viewing and plenty of reading material. I have certain 'comfort reading' books that I especially like to revisit if I'm poorly; when I was little it was Esio Trot, now it's the familiar ones like The Hobbit or Harry Potter series that I go for.

How do you make yourself feel better when you're not one hundred percent?


  1. When I'm not feeling well I take over the couch and veg to the TV. Hot tea is a must and I've been know to indulge in comfort foods. Hot buttered noodles and what not.

    1. PS Sorry you were under the weather.

    2. Thank you.

      I think comfort foods are a must. I quite often have cheesy scrambled egg, it's something I like anyway, but somehow it just feels like the right thing to eat when you're ill. That and poridge.

      I've never had hot buttered noodles, but that sounds yummy. :-D

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon. When I'm not feeling good, I like to watch a good movie to get my mind off how awful I feel.

    1. Thanks. :-)

      I always like watching Disney films, particularly if I'm feeling really rotten. Something nice and simple that doesn't require too much thought. ;-)


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