Saturday, 10 August 2013

Film Review: Johnny English

If you watched TV in the UK during the nineties at some point you probably saw the Barclaycard adverts featuring Rowan Atkinson. He played a rather 'special' secret agent who bumbled around Mr Bean style and causing havoc with his spy gadgets.

 These adverts inspired a film, again with Rowan Atkinson, called Johnny English. We used to have it on DVD so on a recent charity shop expedition I pointed it out to Mr Click as a film I thought he would enjoy. And we bought it.

 I have to admit here that I'm really not a fan of Mr Bean. Mr Click is, a couple of years back he bought Merry Christmas Mr Bean which I can tolerate because it's not very long, his mum will watch Mr Bean's Holiday any time it's on and its just too long for me. If anyone needs a Gibbs-style headslap it's Mr Bean.

Johnny English is a character in the same mould but I find him significantly less annoying. I think maybe it's because he actually talks. He's more like a real person than a man-child.

 The plot of Johnny English involves the titular character becoming the only Secret Service Agent available after everyone else is wiped out during a funeral (that he was in charge of security for). English must then try to stop a crazy Frenchman from getting his hands on the throne.

It's a silly, silly film. But it is funny too. It's been years since I last saw it and I think that helped improve the comedy level. I knew it was right up Mr Click's street though, and I was right!

They've made a sequel to it as well and I'd quite like to get it at some point. Johnny English isn't exactly great British film-making, but it's a fun way to while away a lazy Saturday. Plus it makes for a good family film with plenty that both adults and kids can enjoy.

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